England will draw against Belgium in their final 2018 World Cup group game, according to a group of ‘mystic meerkats’.

The animals have been making predictions on each game by pushing a ball filled with mealworms towards specially created goals.

And after correctly anticipating nine results so far, zoo keepers now say Gareth Southgate’s men will have to settle for a point this evening (June 28).

Chris Mitchell, head of zoo operations at Drayton Manor, said: “When we brought the mystic meerkats back for this year’s World Cup, we didn’t think they would forecast an incredible nine matches. They have certainly caught our attention with their sporting predictions.

“It’ll be interesting to see if they get the next two matches right and if their predictions could reach double figures. Even if they don’t, they’ve made us proud and our meerkats have certainly enjoyed the animal enrichment they’ve been provided with too.

“The mealworms have gone down a treat.”

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