The previous Paranormal Friends visit to Erasmus Darwin House

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Paranormal investigators are returning to a historic Lichfield building.
The previous Paranormal Friends visit to Erasmus Darwin House
The Paranormal Friends group visited Erasmus Darwin House earlier this year – and say they will now be returning after a successful first exploration. Christopher Morris, co-founder of the group, said he hoped more would-be ghost hunters will join them this time around. “Our last visit was truly incredible,” he said. “In the Lunar Room of the building, every single person there that evening could feel the floor vibrating as if somebody was walking around the room, but of course, nobody was there.
Erasmus Darwin House. Pic: Bs0u10e01
“Then there was also the noise of the windows rattling. This was before the weather turned bad, so we are convinced it was not a natural occurrence and could not be explained away. “Erasmus Darwin House has so many stories to tell and has lots of spooky history so we are really looking forward to returning and seeing what else it has in store for us.” Christopher added that the group would have access to the whole of the house, including the parlour, the inventions room, the study and the extensive cellars. They intend to use a range of methods, including seances, table tipping, glass divination and human pendulums. The Paranormal Friends visit will start at 9pm on October 13 and run until 2am. Tickets are £30 and can be booked online.


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