Michael Fabricant

Lichfield’s MP says he is “genuinely sorry” after coming under fire for posting an offensive tweet.

Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant has since deleted the post, which depicted London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s head on an inflatable pig engaged in a sex act with another inflatable pig in front of an image of Donald Trump.

But he has come under criticism from Labour MPs as well as Conservative peer Baroness Warsi who said the tweet was evidence there was a “widespread” issue within the party.

Mr Fabricant admitted the picture was “vile” and said he had not fully checked the image before posting it to the social network.

“As soon as I saw what it was, I deleted it,” he said. “I had been on TV saying that I though the [Trump] blimp was hypocritical and when someone sent me the pic on my iPhone I thought it was a flying pig humping the Trump blimp.

“I did not see the detail on my small iPhone. I stupidly tweeted it in a meeting without checking it properly and hadn’t spotted there was a face on it.

“I am genuinely sorry if it caused anyone offence and I am disappointed in the person who sent it to me in the first place.”

It’s not the first time Mr Fabricant has faced criticism for his social media posts.

In May, he came under fire for branding a teenage Burntwood resident “a complete twat”, later saying he had not realised the offensive nature of the term.

And in 2014 he apologised after suggesting he would end up punching a female journalist in the throat if he appeared on TV with her – a comment the Conservatives said was “completely unacceptable”.


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15 replies on “Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant “genuinely sorry” after posting offensive tweet”

  1. Mr fabric at its time to go man your to excitable , too offensive , too much far too much . So do the decent thing man step down before the party and the wider uk public get rid off you ….

  2. What a vile obnoxious man Fabricant is, he drags the good name of Lichfield into the gutter with him. It’s about time the local Tory party deselected him & picked someone decent to represent us.

  3. To be frank his response is totally unbelievable. The image had both Sadiq Khans face And his name on it. He is clearly not fit to hold the office of an MP. He is my MP and I’ll be writing to him and asking him to resign.

  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-44818546

    I thought the city centre was busy today. We all know, everything you do is to promote Lichfield.

    I am not sure if all the visitors you attract come to spend money, or to see what type of people would keep voting for such an idiot.


    TV appearance was a great opportunity to promote the area, says Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant

  5. Words cannot express your utter foolish decisions,have you seen a doctor recently Mr F , clearly all that Morris dancing has affected your equilibrium.

  6. I’m terribly sorry, but as a staunch conservative voter all of my life, the recent actions and incompetencies of both our Conservative MP and our District Council have made me question what is best for Lichfield.
    Might I say, I have come to the conclusion that it is most certainly not the Conservative Party!
    I regret, the sooner these people are removed from office the better and I look forward to supporting a new mantle for Lichfield. Where do I sign?!

  7. Threatening to punch women, calling them twats, posting racist images and sitting in his room with memories of apartheid South Africa and it’s flag. English Defence League? BNP? No, your Tory MP voted in by 34,000 local people who want him to represent them and their views.
    Oh dear.

  8. I bet Fabbo can’t believe his luck with fellow Tory up the road at Burton out headlining him over the weekend with his sex texts !

  9. We are surrounded by them! late last year Tamworths Conservative MP Christopher Pincher made inappropriate advances on Olympic rower Alex Story he was described as a “pound shop Harvey Weinstein” Mr Pincher was later quietly cleared by a Conservative independent panel.
    And dont forget Aidan Burley the former MP for Cannock Chase caught wearing a Nazi uniform in France, deemed to be a good egg by an independent Tory panel, who only stepped down after been found to be guilty and fined by French courts and told to make a payment to the Holocaust association.
    People that should be of the highest standing in office, representing their constituencies at their absolute best, instead they act like moronic foul mouthed perverts……..

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