An artist's impression of HS2

A series of drop-in events will give people in Lichfield and the surrounding villages the chance to ask questions about the impending HS2 project.

An artist’s impression of HS2

The high speed rail scheme will cut through the area potentially causing disruption to local communities.

HS2 Ltd will host a series of surgeries to help residents get their questions answered and find out more about the work being carried out:

  • July 24, 4.30pm-6.30pm at Kings Bromley Village Hall
  • July 26, 12pm-3pm at Lichfield District Council House
  • August 30, 12pm-3pm at Lichfield District Council House
  • September 27, 12pm-3pm at Lichfield District Council House
  • September 27, 5pm-7pm at Hints Village Hall
  • October 19, 5pm-7pm at Fradley Village Hall
  • October 25, 12pm-3pm at Lichfield District Council House
  • November 29, 12pm-3pm at Lichfield District Council House


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One reply on “Drop-in sessions to help Lichfield residents get questions about HS2 answered”

  1. As far as I can see there is no direct benefit to our district from HS2. There will be disruption and destruction to our buildings and countryside together with the blighting of properties but nothing to redress this. Were we to have access to the service there might just be a case to be made, but the time savings are so marginal it would take longer to get to the nearest station than any possible time savings. The travel costs are also likely to be prohibitive. Were the country five times larger you might be able to justify such a development, but there is little (or no) gain for relatively short distances. The government argument is that it will create faster access to a greater part of the country thus distributing business and administration. In reality it is another vanity product which lines the pockets of the all powerful building and development sector for the sole purpose of speeding up the London commuter services for those with deep pockets, or business accounts. Like a lot of modern politics it is a case of having a plan and then fabricating reasons why it is in everybody’s interests. We gain nothing but negative impact from HS2.

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