Michael Fabricant

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Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has hit out at “Twitter trolls” after criticism of him in the wake of an offensive post featuring Sadiq Khan.
Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant came under fire after he posted a message – which he later deleted – depicting the London Mayor’s head on an inflatable pig engaged in a sex act with another inflatable pig in front of an image of Donald Trump. He was then criticised after an image showing an apartheid-era flag was pictured in his office. The Lichfield MP has since posted on social media to admit that his post about Mr Khan was “unintended and vile” but accused those attacking him of double standards. “What gets me, and others, about the twitter trolls is that, in their obvious delight in accusing me of racism, Islamophobia and of using foul language, they display all the bitter unthinking prejudice of the very thing they seek to accuse me of,” he said. Mr Fabricant has since apologised for the post about the London Mayor, insisting he had not seen that he was included in the image. He has also sought to clarify the flags in his office by saying they were linked to his previous career in broadcasting. It’s not the first time the Conservative MP has faced criticism for his social media posts. In May, he came under fire for branding a teenage Burntwood resident “a complete twat”, later saying he had not realised the offensive nature of the term. And in 2014 he apologised after suggesting he would end up punching a female journalist in the throat if he appeared on TV with her – a comment the Conservatives said was “completely unacceptable”.


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15 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood MP blasts “Twitter trolls” after criticism of social media posts”

  1. How lovely to live in a place where the elected representative is a constant source of entertainment…. I wonder when we might get someone serious.

  2. It seems that in Michael’s World if you are not one of his sycophants who hang on his every word, then you’re a troll.

  3. His tweet was intended. He was supposed to be paying attention in a meeting. A council meeting of some importance. Instead he’s fiddling with his iPhone. He didn’t “accidentally” do it as he managed to put a response which related to the original tweet and then retweet it.

    He’s basically telling lies. Just as he’s done before. He feathers his own nest and doesn’t care about his constituents, other than those with money.

  4. Ross has chosen not to reproduce the image, I’ve seen it and I can tell you this, Sadiq Khan’s name was on the image.

    Very hard to believe it was accidental, which would mean Baroness Warsi is right, the Conservatives have a problem with Islamophobia.

  5. We can expect more of this. He’s one of the reasons why, despite their protestations, the Tories will be forever perceived as the Nasty Party. He feigns ignorance and naivety, but he’s done that too many times now. The man’s a fool, and he’s not innocent.

  6. To be honest I think it’s all deliberate to get attention. In his world there is no such thing as bad publicity so long as it gets him in the limelight. Think of all the stupid publicity stunts he’s done over the years which have backfired & made him look a clown and ask your self why does he do it apart to court publicity. The man’s a fool & unfit to remain as our MP.

  7. I live in the area, have personally met the fool a few times whilst working on a property where he lives. Hes a big mouth that should be removed from his position.

  8. He takes no responsibility for his actions and his line “my tweet was unintended and vile” is belatedly offered as a token gesture by way of apology only after accusing his detractors that they are equally as bad as him, insinuating “how dare you question me”

    There is a definition for his behaviour: Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder with a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.
    Our MP displays these traits on a regular basis.

  9. Must have gone to the same twit…..ter school as Trump.

    I just hope that when the next general election comes round the other parties field strong candidates that might encourage Lichfield and District electorates to change colour and remove this idiot.

  10. AnnS you could put a bag of Blue Circle Cement up for election and the Blue Rinse Brigade (oh and Rob) would vote for it thinking it was the official conservative candidate. Nothing will change. He has the safest seat in the UK hence his arrogance.

  11. @Darryl
    Now you’ve passed judgement on Baroness Warsi’s musings I’m really looking forward to your decision on the credibility of former Labour minister and party member Margaret Hodge’s (for one) accusation of racism and anti-semitism against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership.

  12. As Darryl highlighted the “problems” political parties currently have it’s extremely interesting to learn that Labour MP and solicitor Fiona Onasanya will be appearing in court on august 13th, charged with perverting the course of justice.
    Seems the case is being prosecuted by the Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division of the Crown Prosecution Service, so it’s probably a lot of fuss about nothing.

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