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Newly-elected councillor keen to show people of Lichfield that not all politicians are the same

A newly-elected councillor says he wants to show the people of Lichfield that not all politicians are the same.

Colin Ball

Colin Ball

Labour’s Colin Ball won the Curborough by-election seats on Lichfield District Council and Lichfield City Council which had previously been held by the Conservatives.

The by-election saw a turnout of just over 15% and Cllr Ball believes it is important councillors look to build bridges with residents.

“There are often low turnouts in local elections – perhaps a reflection on people’s views on politicians and politics in general,” he said. So, I intend to show that politicians and political parties are not ‘all the same’ and that voting for the right people and parties can make a real difference for the better in people’s lives.

“I have already started to take up issues raised with me by some residents while I was out door knocking for support. I also commit to work for all the people of Curborough of all political parties or none – and keep my promises of regular surgeries and newsletters.

“I really do want to make a difference for the better on this. However, I do understand, from talking to people on the doorsteps, how hard this will be, but I do believe that it is possible to get people interested in politics again and voting. Having said that, it will take a big effort from all local politicians and parties.”

The Labour representative pooled more votes than his Conservative and Lib Dem rivals at the ballot box – and he warned other councillors from those parties that they needed to get out and represent those who had voted for them previously.

“I talked to several traditional Tory voters during the by-election campaign and they all said that they would vote for me, as I was the only one who came round and talked to them. Many of our other canvassers had a similar response from both Tory and Lib Dem voters.

“I was already taking up cases for local residents during the campaign and will continue to do so. I’ve advised one group of residents on how to go about solving a housing problem, am working on another housing issue for another couple and have arranged for the Tory county councillor to get in touch with another couple on a social services issue.

“What is a little worrying about this last case is that it took pressure from Labour’s Sue Woodward and myself on Cllr Natasha Pullen for her to get in touch with the residents concerned.

“Just as in life, you get what you pay for, so, in politics, you get what you vote for.”

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