Paul Ray and Michael Fabricant

The MP for Lichfield and Burntwood should step down and let “a decent person” replace him, according to a Liberal Democrat councillor.

Paul Ray and Michael Fabricant

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant came under fire after he posted a message – which he later deleted – depicting the London Mayor’s head on an inflatable pig engaged in a sex act with another inflatable pig in front of an image of Donald Trump.

He was then criticised after an image showing an apartheid-era flag was pictured in his office.

Cllr Paul Ray said Mr Fabricant had now crossed the line too many times.

“This is simply vile – and it’s not the first, second or third time our MP has behaved in such a depraved way,” Cllr Ray said.

“His behaviour is totally unacceptable and embarrassing for the area he represents. He just won’t learn – and so the people of Lichfield and Burntwood will be teaching him and the Conservatives a lesson at the next election.”

Cllr Ray has also criticised other local members of the Conservative party for not speaking out about Mr Fabricant’s misdemeanours.

“I ask that the Chairman of the Lichfield Conservatives makes a public statement about what they are going to do about this continuing appalling behaviour from the individual they select to stand as MP for our area,” he aaid.

“I am expecting a full response and action -otherwise it will just show that the Conservatives view this sort of behaviour as acceptable.

“I am asking for this not as someone from a different political party to Mr Fabricant, but as one of his constituents.

“He is an embarrassment to himself and also he is damaging the reputation of our city at a time when we are desperately trying to build that and attract more tourism.”

It’s not the first time the Conservative MP has faced criticism for his social media posts.

In May, he came under fire for branding a teenage Burntwood resident “a complete twat”, later saying he had not realised the offensive nature of the term.

And in 2014 he apologised after suggesting he would end up punching a female journalist in the throat if he appeared on TV with her – a comment the Conservatives said was “completely unacceptable”.

Cllr Ray added: “In May when he insulted a teenager I said that he had to modify his future behaviour. It seems that he just can’t do that, so he should step down and then we can have an election to choose a responsible and decent MP for our area.

“I and the people of Lichfield and Burntwood just no longer want to be represented by someone like Michael Fabricant.”

Mr Fabricant has said he did not realise the content of the tweet included an image of Sadiq Khan when he posted it.
“I did not see the detail on my small iPhone,” the Conservative MP said. “I stupidly tweeted it in a meeting without checking it properly and hadn’t spotted there was a face on it.

“I am genuinely sorry if it caused anyone offence and I am disappointed in the person who sent it to me in the first place.”


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11 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood MP urged to resign by Lib Dem councillor after “vile” social media post”

  1. I have asked Cllr Paul Ray many times why he continues to support Remain, when the people who voted for him voted Brexit.

    He has never answered my question. Hopefully he’ll learn the cost of betraying the people at the next election.

  2. Really Cllr o’hagan … as your constituent i am appalled that your comment is directed to the liberal when you should be apologising for the actions of your MP and your conservative council .. if we wish to talk about voters intentions then your majority is no longer safe and the people of lichfield are fed up with conservative blundering

    I will be voting labour next time …

  3. Councillor O’Hagan – your arrogant comment does your Party no favours at all.It’s typical Toryspeak to declare that the people have been betrayed. Councillor Ray speaks for me – and no, I’m not a Liberal.
    Your MP is the one who has betrayed the people by setting himself up as our representative and displaying school reprehensible behaviour. Why is your party not taking action against him? Tory complacency at its worst!

  4. Your comments are as usual one sided.Sadiq Khan thought it appropriate to authorise the trump baby balloon and said people had the right to protest and that trump and others should have a sense of humour. He then proceeded to instruct the police to do all in their power to prevent a pro trump rally and the free Tommy Robinson protest. His and your reaction to the amusing. picture of the Sadiq khan balloon shows the depth of his sense of humour and his belief in the right to protest and the people’s right to free speech.

  5. I genuinely don’t understand why people are upset about this but perfectly ok with an ex-Prime Minister who put his male bits into a dead pigs mouth.

  6. Councillor O’Hagan. In the context of your comment, maybe you should ask Theresa May why she is supporting Brexit when her constituents in Maidenhead voted to Remain?
    MPs and Councillors are perfectly entitled to have their own views, which may differ from their constituents.In any case I believe that Councillor Ray’s constituents will be more focused and influenced by the incompetence and ineptitude of Lichfield District Council’s Conservative administration’s handling of The Friarsgate fiasco.

  7. Fair enough Rob, but there are also MPs such as John Redwood who supports Brexit, but whose Wokingham constituents voted Remain. My point being that the views of elected officials often differ from those of their constituents.

  8. Andrew/Rob…MPs represent their constituents and also their party. Their personal view is the last consideration. If they find that they personally cannot represent the views of those that elected them then the honouable thing to do would be to step down. Democracy hangs by a thread. A further referendum or a dilution of the terms the public voted on will have serious future consequences. The many ramifications now being aired should have been sorted out before the vote. We are to far along the line now for a reversal of policy. If the referendum is seen to have been at fault because of the closeness of the vote then perhaps future referendums (God help us!) Could have a differential to establish a clear margin.

  9. Well done all for taking Cllr O’Troll’s bait and veering off into yet another brexit spat. Classic Tory distraction technique.

    Will Cllr O’Hagan condemn Fabricant’s behaviour or not?

  10. How funny the Councillor has found time to come on Lichfield Live and comment on his Fuhrers behaviour but has never once found it in his brief to try to explain the recent actions of the local council…would you like to comment on that Cllr Jon O’Hagan because I bet Ross is sick to death of trying to get someone from the council to comment on Friarsgate (local government) which is your brief. Keep out of national polotics cause you ain’t made a very good job of the local stuff for sure. Just saying……

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