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Sam has some problems – he has a hangover, has left a series of regrettable messages for his ex-girlfriend and doesn’t know the girl waking up next to him, or the escort who is sleeping in his bath. In this three-hander, written by local writer and director Darren Haywood a lot is packed into it’s sparse running time. Niamh (Gabby Killick) has been jilted at the altar by her rich, successful fiancé, while Echo (Lisa McKinley) has been sleeping on the wedding dress. So as the mess untangles we learn that Sam (Jacob Wright) had been out drinking, had met Echo and Niamh, and instead of the bacchanalia he feared, it was not the evening of memories he thought. Although the three characters were distinctive, they were strands that linked them all together, not just a chance encounter. They are all young and looking to make their way in the world. Both Sam and Niamh are going through relationship problems and although Echo is defensive, caustic, and sharp, she is not unhappy in her work, despite the judgements that the other two characters have. On the surface this is a play about three people after a night out, but it looks at life, love, and society on a deeper level, and through caustic black humour, pop culture references and characterisation it becomes a play which packs a subtle punch, with a lot to say.