The Lichfield Mysteries book
A new paperback edition of scripts of the Lichfield Mystery plays is being published. Lichfield Mysteries Community Arts has produced the book of 27 plays, originally selected and edited by Robert Leach for the first Lichfield production in 1994. The 290-page publication includes illustrations from the programme of the 2012 production. The cover features the Lichfield Angel, the Saxon stone carving discovered under the nave of the Cathedral during excavations in 2003. Robert said: “The Lichfield Mysteries began with a handful of people meeting in a pub discussing the possibility of staging some medieval mystery plays around the Cathedral. “By the time of the first production – in May 1994 – it involved over 500 local people and spread across the whole city. “But I don’t think we ever imagined that it would still be going strong a quarter of a century later – that is a magnificent testimony to the people of Lichfield who have continued to cherish it, even as times have got harder. “This latest publication of the full text of the Lichfield Mysteries is a concrete and lasting tribute to their enthusiasm and commitment, and something we should all celebrate.” The book has been edited and compiled by Lichfield Mysteries Community Arts’ company secretary Hugh Ashton, himself a published author. Scheduled for publication on September 1, the book, titled simply The Lichfield Mysteries, is now available to pre-order from Amazon at a price of £9.99. As well as online, the book will also be available at events organised by Lichfield Mysteries and at other local occasions.