Greenwood House. Pic: Google Streetview

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A Conservative councillor says a new medical centre in Burntwood will “greatly help” local residents.
Greenwood House. Pic: Google Streetview
The Greenwood House care home plan was backed by Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet to be transformed into a new GP surgery for the Darwin Practice. A pharmacy would also be provided on site.
David Leytham
Cllr David Leytham, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Operational Services, Leisure and Waste, said the local authority would look to learn lessons from the long-awaited project to help speed up other developments. “This health centre will greatly help and be of service to the residents of the district, but specifically the locals in Burntwood,” he said. “It has taken time but that is the nature of local government. “We are aware of this and it is something we are tackling now to help bring other projects to fruition much quicker.”


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4 replies on “Conservative councillor says plan for new Burntwood health centre will “greatly help” residents”

  1. Welcome on board David but I suppose it is better late than never. However in this case a lot of heartache and hard work has gone into securing this health centre that was promised to Burntwood many years ago..

  2. Where have you been David for the last 10 years while some of us have been making comment regarding the promises to Burntwood on a new health centre. Sorry it was two health centres but now you are involved perhaps we could get the second one because the deal for Greenwood House is almost completed. Ah well I suppose it is better late than never

  3. Just about sums up the quality of Tory Councillors. Roll on 2019 when we can vote them out.

    Mike Wilcox is very quiet these days, is he watching the weeds grow on the former Tempest site? Must be very tempting to build houses there, Mike! When will you be speaking to your citizens about the quality of life in Lichfield and your blue sky thinking for the future? Or have you emigrated?

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