Some of the donations made to the Lichfield Foodbank

Almost a tonne of food has been donated to a local foodbank in just one day by shoppers from a Lichfield supermarket.

Some of the donations made to the Lichfield Foodbank

The haul was received at the Waitrose store in the city on August 10.

The donations included one £98 worth of shopping from one member of the public who said she had first-hand experience of using food banks during a time of crisis in her own family.

The Chair of Lichfield Foodbank, David Clarke, said: “The generosity of our supporters across the city and the surrounding areas has made a huge difference to our food stocks as we continue to support families in need during the school holidays.

“We would also like to say a huge thanks to everyone that came along to volunteer – giving out information on our most needed items, answering questions and encouraging customers to donate.”

More details about how to donate to Lichfield Foodbank are available online.


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9 replies on “Shoppers donate almost a tonne of items to Lichfield Foodbank in just one day”

  1. To access a food voucher for assistance from a foodbank, people have to be in proven need and verified as such by groups or public organisations authorised to give them. They are not just given out like sweeties. I recall the Tory PCC going on about fraudulent claims from foodbanks. The level of fraud is so tiny as to be non-existent – and nothing like the fraud or tax evasion and avoidance by rich individuals and organisations. Thankfully, our local communities are far more generous and caring than “first(@lastzz) but it is a sad reflection on this country, the 5th richest in the world, that we need foodbanks in 2018.

  2. Sadly for a lot of people they are only a few months from foodbanks/ homelessness. Due to loss of job, illness or marriage break up.

    The state support / council support they thought would be there, is not.

    Banks, mortgages and card companies want their money back immediately.

    The council tax department we have to deal with, are very uncaring and assume we all sit with tens of thousands of pounds in the bank. If you can’t pay immediately, they want to add more and more fees that put people further in debt.

    As much as a number of councillors and our MP assumes we all sit with a magic money tree in our garden. Real life is not like that for most of us.

  3. Yes, rather than the first commenter’s reaction, surely the question sould be – in a supposedly thriving economy with such low unemployment levels, why the hell are foodbanks such a vital and necessary resource?

  4. Zero hours contracts , some people having no wage increase in keeping with inflation and the rise in cost of living … if you read the fake news enough you would believe unemployment is at its lowest ever. Simply not true , the statistics have been adjusted to exclude , zero hours contracts etc … and the uncaring council tax comment is quite correct . Not everyone in need is addict ….

  5. At least I’m pleased to see that the caring majority in Lichfield understand the plight those that are less well off are enduring and don’t all think the same as our esteemed Member of Parliament. //

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