Plans have been submitted for a development of 520 homes in Lichfield.

The site on Cricket Lane would also see more than 10 hectares of land set aside for employment use.

The planning application has been submitted to Lichfield District Council by Persimmon Homes and St Modwen Development.

A statement supporting the application said that around 35% of properties on the development “intended to be delivered as affordable”.

“The site is allocated within the Local Plan Strategy for residential and employment development as it represents a logical extension to the existing urban area,” the report added.

“Development of this site for residential and employment uses is of strategic importance for delivering the spatial strategy.”

Full details of the proposal can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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11 replies on “Plans submitted for new 520 property housing development in Lichfield”

  1. Sounds like a good idea. Spread it all around Lichfield and see how those residents like the view spoilt by developers

  2. I noticed in the latest Mercury an advert of a retirement apartment in Lichfield. 2 bedrooms for £345,000. Perhaps the new plan from estate agents and house builders is to rip retirees off to pay for affordable housing for the young?

  3. Please tell me what facilities will be put in place for an already over burdened City? Extra schools perhaps, new Surgery (sorely needed )

  4. More houses more people and cars no improvement in services, roads
    Schools, and another two weeks added to the waiting list to see a doctor

  5. ‘Delivering the spatial strategy’! Look out Shenstone here we come! When you look at housing developments around Lichfield in the last decade or so all you see is high density, mediocre properties. The urban sprawl is inexorably filling any open spaces. Will it ever end? Probably not. We are doomed to become another Tamworth or Telford. “Affordable” properties will be snaffled up by the buy to let market and in a short time the developers will be demanding more building sites. There are consequences that DLC do not seem aware of and I’m afraid Mr. Broadbent it involves more than the view.

  6. 520 houses? Jeez, they must be so small, it will be like living in a cramped prison cell. No thanks.

  7. This will be nice to add to the 450 homes soon to be built off Shortbutts Lane.

    Not much point in getting upset by this new application. We all know it will just go through on the nod.

    The developers fight and lie to reduce the “affordable homes”, current market conditions….. I have never quite understood what the “employment opportunities” that appear on most developments are. It is normally a promise of jobs magicked out of nowhere. That are then forgotten to build more houses on the land.

    This is also in the catchment area for King Edwards School, that is already planing to increase pupil numbers. If we keep on like this, there will need to be a day shift and a night shift for pupils at the school.

  8. Persimmon Homes,you must be joking. Been in the news recently regarding the atrocious build of their houses. Check them out on

  9. Just a few words regarding Mr Fabricant’s tumescent defence of this fine city.
    Judging by his television and radio appearances the Conservative member for Lichfield evidently holds it in high esteem and works diligently on our behalf to portray it in a favourable light. Also on the web so I am told.

    It seems to me grossly unfair that Lichfield is lambasted and compared so unfavourably to other historic cities like Bath and York. Having taken coach trip to both of these places in recent years I can assure you that all that glitters is not gold. I personally found Bath rather dreary and York well indeed. On the occasion that we stopped at a seemingly cosy restaurant in the city to enjoy a gammon meal it was far below expectations and served by a rather surly young girl. I could hardly understand a word she was saying.

    Lichfield on the other hand is far more pleasant. I especially enjoy the view of the Cathedral from the park adjacent to the Registry Office and it very seldom that the tranquillity of the place is disturbed. Unless of course there is a wedding on. The place seems so popular with people who clearly do not reside in the city. From places such as Burntwood or worse still Brownhills.

    I myself should point out that I am not a native of Lichfield. I recently purchased a retirement home inn the city having relocated from Cheam. A place in the south of England. Near London.

    On a sour note I should just like to add however that the area around the railway station is looking rather shabby at the moment. It hardly creates a favourable impression for visitors to the city. The bus station as well is in a shocking state of repair. Rather insalubrious in my opinion. On the rare occasions I need to travel outside the city confines I invariably find it frequented by unsavoury types. Juveniles as as well. Dressed in what I can only describe as sportswear.
    I realise that in the current economic climate and what with the deficit and all there is not the money available for the local council to lavish on such public conveniences but is disappointing none the less.

    Otherwise I heartily concur with Mr Fabricant’s assertion that the city is a hidden gem and I shall tell him so personally if I meet him in Waitrose.

    I hope you will forgive me for submitting this letter via my grand-daughters email. She lives with my son and his wife in Lichfield and an is a student at Leicester University where she is studying Podiatry. I regret bothering her with such matters and I should much rather write in but it seems the post boxes in my neighbourhood are out of action. I am not very good with computers unlike Mr Fabricant whom I given to understand is an Engineer.

    In closing I should just like to add – Bravo Mr Fabricant and Lichfield Council.

    Edna Welthorpe (Mrs).

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