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A new initiative is hoping to boost local charities by distributing funds lying in inactive trusts. It is estimated that a number of trusts are dormant across the UK because original trustees may have passed away or the money may be relatively small and therefore not suitable for the original use. But the collective amount is believed to be significant. Groups such as the Community Foundation For Staffordshire have previously activated dormant trusts, including the JS Brown Bequest, which was a small fund for the benefit of Lichfield worth less than £6,000 and was one of the founder trusts of We Love Lichfield. Steve Adams, CEO of The Community Foundation for Staffordshire, said: “We have a long history of working with trustees of local trust funds to help them to breathe new life into their charity. We help to reduce the administrative burden, grow their worth and help ensure that the trust becomes fit for the future. “It is fantastic news that the work that we undertake for many organisations across the county is recognised by the Government and the Charity Commission to deliver this initiative. “It is an excellent way to ensure that trustees can relieve themselves of tiresome burdens, whilst making sure that they do the best for their trust, and more importantly, that their funds stay local, going on to help more people than ever before in Staffordshire.” The Government believes the initiative could help transfer millions into Community Foundations to invest in their local areas, providing around £1million in grant funding each year. Minister for Civil Society, Tracey Crouch, said: “This initiative will make a real difference to people and communities across the country. “By working with UK Community Foundations and the Charity Commission, we will honour the original aims of these now-inactive charitable trusts by redistributing funds to help those that need it most.”

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One reply on “Initiative aiming to help organisation use dormant trust funds to boost charities in Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. There are some 200,000 registered charities in GB (around 200 for cats!). Doubtless much good work is being done but they also represent a very good living for some of the executives. Some of our local ones have individual salaries in excess of £100,000. When we contribute to what amounts to a voluntary tax the actual distribution can be quite obscure. Likewise with trust funds where people give out of compassion and the money is not distributed as intended. The cause is forgotten and the funds remain in some dormant account. Sadly money attracts many who use your generosity for their own ends. I would like to see tighter legislation and accountability of all money raising organisations to ensure that what you give goes to the purpose you intended. If they are totally legitimate then they should not fear scrutiny.

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