Four Play

Midlands cognoscenti’s theatre director of choice Tracey Street is a relatively unsung star in her homeland, but unsurprisingly her new show is yet another triumph to add to her illustrious track record to date.

Four Play
New to me playwright Jake Brunger has produced a two-acter which is slick, funny and faultless, with an unusually happy trick – the second act is better even than the first.

This beguiling four hander tackles a potentially controversial but nevertheless very human dilemma – how do four modern gay men make and hold fast to commitments in a modishly unsupportive and hedonistic world that trumpets instant gratification versus commitment at every turn.

I won’t give away the answers offered here, I’ll just say the two couples are played by four very different actors making for powerfully individual and strongly believable characterisations.

As the first couple Dominic Thompson was entirely convincing as blokey brummy Pete while Conor Nolan as Rafe the slightly posher one subtly suggested his life-style choice was a bit of a fashion statement.

The second couple featured Tom Silverton emanating effortlessly as the sensuous Michael but there’s always a star even in the best-cast of shows and here it’s Tye Harris as Andrew, the gay with an attitude whose second half melt-down was one of the best things I’ve seen in any theatre this year.

In addition the marvellous intimacy of the OJS theatre space gave the whole show a fly-on-the-wall feel that in the sure hands of this director and these players produced an unusuallly thrilling immediacy.

Four Play runs at the Old Joint Stock until September 8. For tickets visit