Michael Fabricant

An MP says plans to redraw Parliamentary voting boundaries will slice Lichfield in two – due to the “arrogant” approach of those behind the proposals.

The Boundary Commission for England has published a final report into plans to rebalance the number of voters in each constituency.

But the move means people living in Streethay and Whittington will in future be voting for Tamworth’s MP, while those in Hixon and the Haywoods will now be voting for Lichfield’s Member of Parliament.

Michael Fabricant

Lichfield’s Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said the changes – which still need to be approved by Parliament – made no sense for local residents.

“The proposed new boundary for the Lichfield constituency looks as if Tamworth has launched the Battle of the Bulge against Lichfield and won,” he said.

“Lichfield is sliced in two with its eastern half cut off despite protests from constituents and from me.

“The Boundary Commissioners have behaved in an arrogant manner paying no regard to the social or educational arguments presented to them by residents. Their own argument has been weak intellectually and I am disappointed with them.”

The change would mean people using Lichfield Trent Valley station could be in Tamworth or Lichfield depending on which platform they are using.

Mr Fabricant explained: “If this legislation goes through, the London-bound platform of Lichfield Trent Valley station will be in Tamworth with the north-bound platform remaining in Lichfield with the boundary running up the middle of the four tracks.

“Parts of Curborough and all of Whittington and Streethay will be in Tamworth, despite their children going to Lichfield schools and all the ancient roads leading to Lichfield not Tamworth. In short, all their ties are with Lichfield.

“The commission have made fools of themselves. Alternative plans which would have also met the commission’s legal requirements had been offered, but ignored.”

Should Parliament back the plans, the new boundaries would come into effect at the next General Election.

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16 replies on “MP warns “arrogant” boundary changes would slice Lichfield in two at next General Election”

  1. For once I agree with Mr F. How Lichfield can pick up Hixon and the Haywards when they are the other side of Rugeley is ludicrous and makes no sense. I’m sure residents of these places do not feel akin to Lichfield, whereas those places that may be given over to Tamworth do. It’s a mad, mad world.

  2. AnnS I’m from Chase Terrace, sorry Burntwood, and I don’t feel akin to Lichfield but then again who does outside of the City centre bubble?

  3. Lines have to be drawn somewhere.
    I don’t see him complaining that rugeley Trent valley station is in his proposed constituency but the town of rugeley is in Cannock Chase constituency.
    I agree it seems a bit daft but the platform isn’t voting for him.

    “All of their ties are with Lichfield” in relation to Whittington – what absolute rubbish. Is he advocating border control at the edge of his area to make sure people don’t escape (probably more likely that no one else comes in)

    It wouldn’t be so bad if he actually did something for all of his constituents and constituency not just his “chums” on the fast train to London who now no doubt will have to drive to rugeley and get the slower service just to stay in his constituency

  4. In Shenstone we, randomly, come under Pincher, yet LDC is our council tax, bins etc. I know the boundaries are an attempt to make the number of constituents approximately equal for MPs, however it’s not as if they’re not adept at employing staff, especially family members.

    Why not make the boundaries match the authority and allocate staff budgets according to constituency size?

  5. I live in Burntwood, its a pity we don’t come under Cannock for voting, then we could have a proper MP who does things for there local community, not just appear on TV for whatever

  6. If this goes through, then the London bound up platform at Lichfield Trent Valley will get it’s lift from the low level to the high level. The Stafford bound down platform will still be without, unless Fabricant gets voted out.

  7. Did you call them twats and then say you only heard the word yesterday? (Even though you went straight to Twitter, when you called Russell Brand one, on the Adrian Goldberg show in 2013. Then after calling a constituent a Twat, deny you had any idea what the word meant in 2018)

    OMG! Just said “twat” live on air with @adriangoldberg on BBC WM referring to Russell Brand and his pompous remarks on @BBCNewsnight
    10:45 AM – Oct 25, 2013

    Maybe you re tweeted a racist photo of them, but blaim you were in a meeting so didn’t see the picture on your small I phone screen.

    Possibly threatened to punch them in the throat?

    Or, is this your party trying to get you out and not having to make the de selection process too messy.

  8. Fabricant is only miffed because he’ll lose a load of tory voters to Tamworth, probably enough to lose him his comfy seat on the gravy train. Talking of gravy trains, wasn’t HS2 the last time he got his knickers in a pickle after all those Whittington golf club members made it clear they ‘didn’t vote tory to have a train through their course’?

  9. Does anybody actually listen to what he says anyway? The clown is a complete irrelevance, who is far more concerned with his celebrity profile than he is with his “proper” job. Disagree with him and call you a “twat”, or threaten to punch you in the throat. Or both…..

  10. Anna Soubry has ensured that there is a debate in Parliament about disabled access at a railway station in her constituency, well done to her as she is a very diligent MP working on behalf of her constituents.
    In contrast, we have Fabbo bleating on about how hard he is trying to get the same facilities at LTV without any progress being made in many years. If only, we had a proper MP. No doubt with the boundary changes, he will lose interest in the London-bound platform access.

  11. so, Squire Gove’s lapdog is getting his Snickers in a Twix about a proposed boundary change that, ironically, his own excuse for a political party will probably approve – if still in government (ha ha!) – if it helps them cling on to power.

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