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The Conservatives hung on to the Stowe ward seat on Lichfield District Council after a by-election.

Labour had hoped to snatch the seat from the controlling group, but saw candidate Donald Palmer beaten by 59 votes by Angela Lax.

A turnout of 23.4% was recorded for the ballot, with 1,137 votes cast.

Full result:

  • Angela Lax (Conservatives) – 499
  • Donald Palmer (Labour) – 440
  • Richard Rathbone (Lib Dem) – 193

The Conservatives also hung on to the seat on Lichfield City Council:

  • Gail Johnson (Conservatives) – 397
  • Robyn St Clair Fawcett (Labour) – 359
  • Richard Rathbone (Lib Dem) – 163 votes


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7 replies on “Conservatives hang on to Stowe ward seat after Lichfield District Council by-election”

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  1. Turn out and result, what a disappointment! Less than a 1/4 of electorates proves that people really have lost touch and confidence in politics.

  2. Well done to Angela, and Gail.

    This was a hard fought campaign. This success was built on the efforts of Stowe’s conservative councillors over many years.

    I am proud to be a part of this team. I am sure that Angela, and Gail will selflessly serve he interests of Stowe Ward too.

  3. Labour didn’t help themselves when their male candidate knocked on doors displaying a card saying ‘we say no to all callers at the door’ and then when people came to the door said he was glad to see they were displaying them as he was the person that designed it !!! As my husband said shame he totally ignored it..what Chance do our older people have with idiots like him representing them..shame on you !!!!!

  4. The problem Labour have locally is that this should have been an open goal. So either they failed to mobilise their support, or 440 is all they’ve got. A poor result for democracy either way.

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