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There’s nothing like a whodunnit, and in some ways that was spot on here because right up until the very end we were kept guessing as to what actually had been done, by whom, why, and even exactly who to. But thanks to the Lichfield Players’ marvellous performances here in a series of outstanding character parts we were kept on tenterhooks right up until the very satisfying and surprising dramatic climax that finally confounded every possible guess. I can’t divulge too much but let’s just say the central character is an ageing and fast becoming infirm rich writer, Marion Bishop (Gina Martin in the gift part of a lifetime which she milks to perfection) who has family, associates and friends seemingly intent on somehow getting at her, or rather at her dosh. But despite their wiles she cannily remains one or perhaps many more than one steps ahead of them throughout, in the process keeping the audience guessing wildly until we literally didn’t know which way the truth lay. In support of the goal Ms Martin had of keeping the audience guessing to the very end, there was support from Adrian Venables as suitably sinister relative Raymond Shapley the classic failure in life with designs on her dosh, while Maureen George as always brought a satisfying verisimilitude to her role as interested friend Doris. Becky Wright was the author’s charmingly cosy housekeeper while Dickie Bannister gave his all to the role of Michael her health-challenged brother who became an early casualty of the complex plot. Andy Jones as Dr Andrew Thorne kept us guessing right up until the very end about whose side he was really on while I never quite made my mind up even by the end about the very glam nurse Laura in a complex portrayal by Alex Dziegiel. All in all an evening of great fun managing to banish any gloomy thoughts about the coming winter. More please Players, more.