The fire-damaged hob

A family have had a lucky escape after their kitchen hob caught fire.

The fire-damaged hob
Three fire engines were called to the blaze at a maisonette on Sunnymead Road at 9pm on 9th October.

Station manager Rob Horton said: “Fortunately, the family living there had closed the kitchen door which meant the smoke was confined to that room.

“It appears that something had been left on top of a ring on the electric cooker and someone had failed to switch off the ring so it caught fire after they left the room.

“Luckily, there was no significant damage to the kitchen so they were able to go back into their home very soon after we’d put out the fire.

“This goes to show how our message about closing doors really can prevent fire and smoke from spreading.

“In this case the fire didn’t cause any serious damage – they were lucky. However, it could have been much worse.”


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