An artist's impression of the proposed development in Fradley

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A report has backed plan for new homes and a 90-bed care home on land in Fradley.
An artist’s impression of the proposed development in Fradley
Developers have submitted proposals for land at Bridge Farm Lane. But objections had been raised by Fradley and Streethay Parish Council over concerns about on street parking and issues around improvements to a nearby junction. Local residents had also raised concern about the continued development of the village which was “changing the character to that of a town”. However, a report to Lichfield District Council’s planning committee has said the scheme should be given the go-ahead. “Economically, the proposal will enable development on a sustainably-located greenfield site, which through bringing additional employees and commercial activity as part of the dementia care home into the area will have wider benefits,” the report states. “Socially, the proposal has been designed and would be operated to ensure no significant impact upon the reasonable amenity of neighbouring residents and established businesses. “Through providing much-needed dementia care facilities will provide a service necessary for the district.” Councillors will decide on the proposals at a meeting of Lichfield District Council’s planning committee on 29th October.

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2 replies on “Report backs plan for new housing and care home on land in Fradley”

  1. Let’s see if I can make a prediction…. Lots of local opposition, greenbelt site, officers have recommended acceptance. I predict a rubber stamp at Monday’s planning committee and the plans go through no problem. Maybe another cost saving for LDC? Abolish the planning committee and disband the planning department – it appears anyone can build what they want where they want so there’s no point going through the motions of doing anything other than approving everything that’s submitted.

  2. I predict that one of the Cllrs on the committee will recognise that ….. “Residents will be brassed orf” and then still approve it. A tenner wager anyone?

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