People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being urged to sign up for their 2019 brown bin collections.

The controversial charge – dubbed the bin tax by opposition councillors – will remain at £36 for a maximum of 23 collections during the year.

Residents will need to sign up and pay the fee in order to have garden waste collected in 2019.

David Leytham
Councillor David Leytham, Cabinet member for operational services, leisure and waste, said: “Thank you to everyone who signed up to our garden waste service in the last year.

“We’re now reminding local residents that they will need to sign up again if they would like their brown bins emptied in 2019.

“It costs the same regardless of when you sign up during the year, and your annual subscription will always end in December. Because of this it makes sense to register for 2019 before the first collection in January, so you can get a full year’s worth of collections.”

People can sign up online or by calling 0345 002 0022. Registered householders will then need to put a sticker on their bins to show they have paid.

Cllr Leytham added: “It is important to remember that your brown bin will not be emptied in 2019 unless you are signed up and you’ve displayed your new sticker on your garden waste bin.

“We are also encouraging anyone who signed up in 2018 not to cover up their 2018 sticker with their new sticker. This is so we know to continue to empty your garden waste bin for the rest of 2018.”


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18 replies on “Council urges Lichfield and Burntwood householders to sign up and pay fee for 2019 brown bin collections”

  1. A back door rates rise. Council are a bunch of sneeky rob dogs. They were only allowed to increase rates by a set %age so remove services then charge you extra for exact same service. Hmmm

  2. Not on your nelly am I paying for a service that was originally forced up on us and was included in council tax… my garden was always nice a tidy. Now it’s not bothered with. It’s left for the wild life now!! So BURNTWOOD will not be winning best keep village awards….
    what’s next charging for recycling to be collected??? Why don’t you go the hole hog and charge for us to breathe the air…
    my opinion is your a waste of space you don’t make our lives easier. All you do is take back handers, and think of your own bank balances…
    You don’t give a monkeys about the public and there needs… very discussed and disappointed…

  3. What happens to the garden waste? Is it composted? Can those within the LDC area collect that compost or buy the compost if so, from where, how much?

    I don’t mind paying for a decent service but if we are paying to have what is a valuable resource
    taken away and then having to further pay to get the benefit of that resource …

  4. I would urge the council officials to repay the money wasted on Friarsgate so local residents can one again see these services included in their council tax.

  5. Come on, be fair on Lichfield District Council. They have to fill that massive £7 million that was wasted on Friarsgate somehow…

  6. We have been composting for the year. We have not missed the brown bin collection at all. The rest has gone in the black bin. No way will we line their pockets with this scam.

  7. If you have too much to fit in your black bin. I have found a big hole in the city centre.

    There is just some rubble there. No one will notice.

    Look for a big grey fence and you have arrived.

  8. I see Derby has just reintroduced free brown bin collections, including food waste which isn’t allowed in Lichfield brown bins.

  9. I bag it up, put it in my neighbour’s brown bin and peek through the net curtain with glee when their bin isn’t emptied.

  10. They charged residents in Fradley and Alrewas last year Dec 2017. I only know a few residents that were not stupid enough to pay.
    I take my rubbish to the disposal site with all the other brown bin refusers.
    They need to be challenged in the courts for this excessive tax because they published the forthcoming rise for refuse collection (including brown bin), then charged extra for brown bin collection. WRONG.

    But look what councillors did in Birmingham – they believe they can do anything.

    Join the Yellow Gillet brigade of France and fight by demonstrating against the double tax.

  11. One year they emptied my brown bin, the next year they want to charge me £35 to empty it. I want a rebate of £35 off my council tax since they are now denying me a service that was previouly provided.

  12. I wonder how many people have worked out that this charge is equivalent to a 30% increase in District Council tax. How many people would sign up to it if it had been presented as a voluntary increase in their Council Tax?

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