Cllr Philip Atkins. Pic: M Holland

The senior leadership team at Staffordshire County Council is to be cut-back as it wrestles with a £35million funding gap.

A range of initiatives – including plans to axe council-funded lollipop men and women – are being debated in a bit to meet the funding shortfall.

And Staffordshire County Council has now revealed the roles of director of strategy, governance and change, and director of finance and resources will be replaced by a single director of corporate services.

The posts are currently held by John Tradewell and Andy Burns respectively, but a review has now recommended that the former takes on the newly-created role..

Cllr Philip Atkins. Pic: M Holland
The Leader of Staffordshire County Council, Cllr Philip Atkins, said: “Having reduced running costs by £240million in the last nine years, we face extremely difficult decisions to meet our legal duty to balance the books next year.

“To protect front line and universal services, we are making significant savings in the back office, and subject to approval by full council in December, that will start with our senior leadership team.

“Work is underway on a range of cost saving proposals and together with councils across the country, we continue to lobby Government on the urgent need for more funding for adult and children’s social care.

“We will know the outcome of this when Government announces the funding settlement for councils in England on 6th December.”

The decision on the leadership reductions will be made a meeting of the full council.

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