Cllr Richard Mosson

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A Conservative councillor who resigned from Burntwood Town Council says he also intends to step down from Lichfield District Council in the coming months.

Cllr Richard Mosson

Cllr Richard Mosson stepped down from his parish councillor duties due to “personal issues”.

But he has now revealed to Lichfield Live that he will not seek re-election to Lichfield District Council in May.

He said: “I have had a lot of personal and family health issues to deal with in recent months, which effectively made the decision for me at Burntwood Town Council.

“I have attended as many meetings as I can at Lichfield District Council, and of course I could have asked for a break due to special circumstances as many have done previously, including members from both sides, but I haven’t and decided to soldier on as I have done in my day job.

“I will however be standing down from Lichfield District Council in May.”

Cllr Mosson’s comments come after the Labour opposition group at Lichfield District Council had questioned his decision not to step down from both posts at the same time.

Cllr Sue Woodward said: “As Leader of Burntwood Town Council, his only direct achievement when he was asked was the erection of a shed at the Old Mining College.

“At Lichfield District Council, his attendance has been woeful. In fact, when he had his allowances stopped because of his poor attendance, he emailed all councillors to say this was an “own goal” by the Tory leadership at the council.

“He said that he wouldn’t bother turning up to the rest of the meetings during the year in question. He also said that the loss of allowance didn’t bother him anyway as he was a higher-rate taxpayer so could afford it – nothing about doing his duty or representing his electors.

“I just wonder now whether he’ll have the decency to resign his remunerated Lichfield District Council seat as well as his unremunerated Burntwood Town Council seat.”


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  1. Absolutely shocking, we cllr not bothered , doesn’t really care , we have cllrs allegedly breaking the localism act by non declaring interests , friarsgate … what a shambles of a council we have

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