Michael Fabricant

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Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP says the Government must do more to protect ancient woodlands.

Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant will introduce a 10 Minute Rule Bill in the House of Commons tomorrow (23rd January) forcing the Ancient Woodland Inventory to be regularly updated.

The Conservative MP said modern technology meant greater protection could now be given by keeping the register up to date.

“The Ancient Woodland Inventory was established by the Government to protect these special places from destruction by developers, roads and railways – including HS2 – and from other causes,” he said.

“At present, it excludes most ancient woodlands under 5 acres because the mapping technology was not available when it was first created.

“There are many such woodlands in the Lichfield constituency and elsewhere which are under threat. By regularly updating the inventory and employing the latest satellite technology, these woodlands can be protected.”

Mr Fabricant insisted he was not trying to stop developments.

“This is not to say, this Bill is against developers – it is not,” he said. “We need new homes.

“But an up to date Ancient Woodland Inventory will provide the information needed to protect our trees.

“If that means I’m a ‘tree hugger’, then so be it!”

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