Residents are celebrating the decision to protect School Crossing Patrols

Residents in Lichfield and Burntwood have been thanked for playing their part in saving school crossing patrols.

Staffordshire County Council had proposed axing lollipop men and women and replacing them with community-funded alternatives.

But the Conservative-controlled council did a u-turn on the plans after public pressure.

David Robertson, chairman of the Lichfield City branch of the Labour party, said those who signed a petition had played their part in saving the roles.

“The news that Conservative county councillors have dropped their proposals to cut school crossing guards across the county is a welcome one for parents and carers across the city,” he said.

“The decision was made because of the strength of feeling of residents across the county and the clear message that was sent to county councillors through the collection of signatures on the petition to protect the service.

“I wish to publicly pass on my heartfelt thanks to all those who signed this petition.

“Without the support of ordinary people in the City and across the county, the controlling group would not have u-turned on this and we would not now be able to celebrate the protection of a public service which we all value so highly.”

Founder of LichfieldLive and editor of the site.