An office building in the centre of Lichfield could be demolished to make way for retirement apartments.

Guardian House. Pic: Google Streetview

Developers have submitted plans to knock down Guardian House, which sits on the junction of the Birmingham Road and Rotten Row.

The new ‘Extra Care’ facility being proposed would feature 65 apartments.

A statement supporting the application said there was a need for such a facility.

“There is a severe shortage of Extra Care accommodation nationally and locally,” it said.

“There is a critical shortage of specialist accommodation for older people and there is a need to provide this to meet the need to serve this under-served section of society.”

The development could create around 17 new jobs and is designed to help older people continue to live independently.

It would feature communal lounge areas and a catering space.

The statement added: “The proposed accommodation provides independent living for the elderly with day to day assistance in the form of domestic help and domiciliary care trailers to individual needs.

“The basic concept is to maintain independent living through the design of the building and its range of communal facilities and with necessary levels of oversight help, care and assistance immediately available to residents.”

Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website

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3 replies on “Retirement apartments could replace office block in Lichfield”

  1. If a business wants to come to Lichfield, where will they be based now? Or are we fianlly admitting, there is no interest in Lichfield as a place to work?

    Is it a good idea to create a home for older people, at a road junction that is so congested?

    Even the council are starting to realise that Lichfield is coming to a standstill. Having to change the times bins are being put out.

    Soon even housebuilders wont want to touch the city. Who wants to live in a city with virtually no public transport and it takes 15 minutes to move a few car lengths?

    Homes are being built, local jobs are not being created. People have to drive out of Lichfied to work. Lichfield will start to fail to meet air quality standards.

  2. There are a number of aspects to take into account with any development that will have an impact on the city. Amongst others are the commercial, the environmental, and the cultural consequence. There are already a number of similar establishments in and around the city and proposals for even more. The former Bluebell Inn adjacent to Guardian House being one of them. The doctors surgery on Green Hill; very close to both these places, it is already difficult to get appointments. These two developments can only make the situation worse. Bussiness clearly sees opportunity in the ‘grey pound’ and their terms often display a cynical exploitation of their tenants. The ageing population are there to be served by self serving organisations. (Equity release is a similar example). As for the cultural aspect, it would be nice if Lichfield would establish an identity. Are we a medieval place like York? A Georgian city like Bath? Or none of these? I doubt tourists will be queuing to come to Lichfield to see Gods waiting rooms. It is likely that the commercial aspect will hold sway as this tends to be the thinking capacity of the LDC, but bit by bit it is proving the denigration of a once fine city in one generation.

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