Michael Fabricant

Councillors have been told they must be “proactive” to ensure the city feels the benefit of the Commonwealth Games being held on the doorstep in 2022.

Birmingham will host the sporting showpiece in three years with the event expected to provide a welcome boost to the region’s economy.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant revealed he had met with John Crabtree, chair of the organising committee for the 2022 Commonwealth Games – and said the opportunities were there for the city to benefit from the event.

Michael Fabricant

“I am keen that Lichfield makes the most of this amazing opportunity not far away,” the Conservative MP said.

“This is a great opportunity to boost our local economy and I have told him of our restaurant, entertainment and hotel offer.

“I hope that Lichfield District Council will be proactive and now make contact with the organising committee’s newly-appointed Chief Executive Ian Reid. 

“There are so many opportunities that will benefit our area.  I will be happy to facilitate any such meetings should this be needed.”

Mr Crabtree added that the wider region would feel the effect of the games coming to Birmingham.

“Over the next three and a half years there will be many opportunities for communities across the West Midlands to get involved as spectators, volunteers, suppliers, contractors, participants in the cultural programme, and users of the new and developed sporting facilities,” he said.

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6 replies on “MP urges councillors to be proactive and ensure Lichfield is boosted by 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham”

  1. 2022 ? By that time the only attraction left in Lichfield will be open top buses full of Mannequins driving around playing ” Ghost Town ” by the Specials !

  2. Let’s host some events in Lichfield:

    Get the kids across the road. Athletes compete to get school kids over the busy roads. As there will be no crossing patrols by 2022.

    Search or the good idea. Atheletes climb over a big grey fence. The first to find the piece of paper in the rubble, that said Friarsgate was a good idea, wins.

    Find the digger. First to find over 15 different types of diggers on new housing developments, wins.

    Train on time. Guess the date two trains will arrive on time on the Cross City Line.

  3. I thought they were being pro active by turning the friarsgate plot into a park and ride for the games . Lichfield will be the place to be 2022,. Maybe they should consider a plan B with some big screens and a snack wagon incase the trains are delayed

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