Councillors and police chiefs have met to raise concerns over crime in Burntwood.

The meeting was called after issues were raised regarding police cover in the area since the closure of the town’s police station.

Chief Inspector Mark Smith met with members of Burntwood Town Council to reassure them that changes in policing patterns did not mean the area was being ignored.

Chief Inspector Mark Smith

Cllr Di Evans, leader of the Labour opposition group on the council, said: “We are really grateful to Chief Inspector Smith and his team for coming to talk to town councillors as well as local residents.

“We had contacted the Police and Crime Commissioner because of the genuine concerns raised with us by local residents, fearful of rising levels of crime.

“In an ideal world, we would like to see our police funded far better and to see more police personnel on our streets. The reality is that, over the last 9 years, Staffordshire has lost 600 police officers.

“This coupled with increases in activities such as cyber-crime and people trafficking means resources are really stretched.

Cllr Di Evans

“However, Chief Inspector Smith and his team were able to give us real assurance that, in spite of the loss of our police station, Burntwood is not forgotten.”

A more regular meeting to raise issues and hear updates is now being planned between the police and members of the council.

Cllr Evans said: “We as councillors can help too and we want to work more closely with the police in the future.”


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3 replies on “Police chief reassures Burntwood councillors that town isn’t being forgotten”

  1. Oh thank goodness for that. Here’s me thinking all this crime was a result of the police not responding to actual offences that impact on local residents and all the time it’s because someone’s called their next door neighbour a twat on Facebook.

    Of cause we are being neglected along with every other location outside of the city centre. Funny how they can always find the manpower to send out the speed cameras to the locations that are booked weeks in advance no matter what’s kicking off.

    Perhaps if the useless (and invisible) police and crime commissioner actioned some of his sound bites we may feel a little more secure in our communities.

    Just saying

  2. Neil, you’re delusional, since the politicisation of the PCCs, which we were assured was not going to happen, Matthew Ellis spends much of his time on Twitter – re-tweeting Conservative Party tweets. It was only after it was raised that he should be using the PCC Twitter account to do it he stopped and used his own.

    However, 600 officers is massive, that’s the Conservatives for you, tough on crime, tough on the prevention and detection of crime.

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