Michael Fabricant

Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has vowed to fight for a third referendum if a second Brexit vote takes place.

Campaigners have called for a People’s Vote to give people a fresh chance to have their say on leaving the European Union.

Labour has also said it would support a second referendum, adding weight to the calls for another poll.

But Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said the result would leave the country no closer to a definitive decision.

Michael Fabricant

In a column for The Sun, Mr Fabricant said: “If the result of the first referendum can be overturned, is it not right that the electorate then have the chance to overrule the second as well?

“After all, one of the main arguments by proponents of a People’s Vote is that ‘facts change’. Which is true. But then, it follows that the facts will inevitably change again in a few years’ time.

“If this second referendum were to take place, what would happen if Remain wins a narrow victory – and it is unlikely it would be anything more than narrow?

“We would then be left with a difficult situation: two votes, two different results, yet with one result being carried through and the other ignored.”

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14 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood MP insists he’ll fight for third referendum if People’s Vote goes ahead”

  1. Lichfield Tory ERG member Michael Fabricant comes up with a feeble argument for a further referendum should a People’s Vote be voted on by Parliament. Very few MPs including the prime minister and cabinet ever give any credence or weight to the proven illegalities surrounding the result. 2016 EU Referendum result was not democratic. Voters were fed lies by media and MPs alike. They are still being spouted. How can an MP support this insanity? Brexit was a con. We have seen how much has already been lost – motor manufacturing and supply chain companies. All the loss to medicine, NHS. All the EU NHS staff that have left.
    The chaos of a terrible new immigration system that divides families. Citizens who have lived here for decades who migrated – if they return to their country of origin for a stay of 5 years lose all rights in the UK.
    Brexit is a Tory mess and they are the government of chaos. Michael Fabricant seems not to care about UK manufacturing. He’s ignoring the warnings by large companies who are going to leave the UK – Honda, Nissan. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost and more will go.
    UK was a gateway to the EU for foreign investors. They will have no reason to keep investing here.
    Brexiter MPs never seem to speak about any benefits of Brexit. Because there really aren’t any. They spout about getting back control of our money, our borders and our laws. But the reality is that UK is bound to our nearest trading countries. The EU is a great working system. And Mr Fabricant wants to destroy the ability for UK to prosper. All for some fantasy. But really one has to wonder with these MPs – what’s in it for them? Because it’s patently clear not only is there no benefit for the UK, but desperate decline. He has, I believe been saying that crashing out with no deal would be fine. Businesses do not think so. Yesterday in France they tested out what will happen if that occurs – by checking vehicles at Calais etc. There were lorries and all vehicles in queues for many miles. That is what the Brexiters are going to bring about.

    Conservatives are asset strippers. This is why so many buildings and land have been sold off – to fund Brexit. To plan for a No deal scenario. Billions of pounds are being wasted because of a small minority of exploiter MPs. The recent court case appeal Wilson V May found that the prime minister has gone ahead with Brexit despite electoral law breaking by Vote Leave etc.

    The Irish border problem is unsolveable and MPs barely mention Gibraltar the other elephant in the room. Michael Fabricant is one of the delusional Brexiters who is failing to act in the UK best interest. Brexit will solve not a single problem because they are all caused by our own government. Voters read the wrong newspapers, and listen to the wrong MPs.

    Millions of us lose our Freedom of Movement due to the wilful damage of a Brexit which no-one other than media barons, rich tax avoiders and politicians asked for. Immigration is not going to improve with Brexit. The non EU migration has increased and will increase more.

    This government is the worst in living memory. Along with a feeble ineffective opposition. Which is why the UK must get Proportional Representation. Politics needs to change because we don’t have a proper functioning democracy. Brexit is the work of exploiters who have been clever enough to get the fishermen, farmers, and ordinary hard working citizens to believe that all problems stem from Brussels and the EU. They are almost entirely caused by our government that gives tax cuts to the rich and austerity to the majority. Shame on the Tories for their evil policies.

    With regards to Brexit, the facts are now better known. Many will have seen that our country has lost many jobs and businesses. And it will get worse. Nissan and Honda workers voted for Brexit. Imagine! Politics in the UK is rotten to the core. So it must change. We need MPs who act in best interest of the country and who care. MPs just got a 2.5% increase in salary. They are already highly paid. Some are worth it. Some are not. Our public services are under funded. UK is chaotic. And who is to blame? I blame the government. I blame the MPs and Parliament for Brexit. It was an advisory referendum. But treated as binding. If it had been legally binding the court agreed that it could have been declared null and void. Because it was just like an election where cheating went on. However, there are big problems with any elections now – because foreign money and interference – digital targeted adverts continue. Shady dark money bought Brexit. This is not for your benefit or mine.

  2. Just to add to Christine Rapley’s passionate comment.
    We could’ve had tougher immigration controls, they were EU ones. But we didn’t because successive governments preferred to allow pittance wages paid by firms via gangmasters to having to pay proper wages and be able to boot people without a job out. Greed dictated immigration policy, the same greed that is covertly boosting non EU immigration even now.

  3. Well said, Christine Rapley. You have stated what I came here to say, and more! The electorate would be better served by a People’s Vote now, after the lies and vested interests have been exposed. Sadly, it’s those with the least to lose who are doing their best to block such a vote.

  4. I’ll support any amount of referendums as long as we’re not so obviously lied to by campaigns funded by illegal amounts of cash

  5. This bloke just wants us to be the 51st state of America. He’s obsessed. We need to get him out of parliament.

  6. It would seem industry has earned an undeserved reputation for fair play and pragmatism. The reality is that this has never been the case and the profitability for its owners and shareholders has always been the driving force. Although some ill informed think the foreign car industry manufacturing here are leaving because of Brexit the reality is they are not geared up for electric cars and the main market is in Asia. They admit to this and it is the only remaining British car manufacturer (Morgan) who have sold out to Italian speculaters simply for profit. This trend of industry taking the quick buck is not uncommon. You also have other successful companies scouring the globe to find cheap work forces to maximise profits (Dyson being one amongst many). We used to call it the bowl of rice economy where you could not possibly compete with pay and conditions. I have just read a book, ironically titled Lost England. Printed in the Czech Republic in English for our domestic market. U.K. Greetings Ltd. have their cards printed in China. These are only tiny examples of what is going on and how British industry will not support British workers if there is a cheaper alternative. Furthermore industry wants unlimited immigration for one reason only, the obvious reason!
    The Irish border is a case of history coming back to bite you (much as the lies in the original referendum are). A situation that is both political and religious is probably unresolvable. That we are being held to ransom by them with tacit threats of what might happen if we don’t comply with their wishes (ie demands) is, for me, both unrealistic and unacceptable.

  7. Who are you Cearbhaill? Which points? I’ll tell you what – you read through my long posting and point out where it’s wrong. Along with evidence. Why do you expect me to provide evidence when Lichfield MP and Brexiters have not been able to come up with a single benefit to Brexit? The EU Referendum result was won through illegality and fraud. Brexit itself is a fraud. Read up for yourself. You will see plenty of evidence for the declining investment. Jobs are leaking abroad. Which is not what voters expected. I can’t think why anyone would not expect this to be the case with the threat of UK leaving the Single Market and Customs Union. We are leaving the world’s biggest trading bloc. This is insanity.

  8. It’s worse than that. Fox has closed hardly any trade deals. He, and others such as Gove, have been the recipient’s of US money for over a decade, originally the Atlantic Bridge conduit funded by the Koch Brothers. The purpose, now hitting the mainstream media, is further US takeover of NHS, already softened up by structural reorganisation by former United Health employees like Simon Stevens, and shareholders like Matt Hancock. The second prong is the maintenance of tax evasion in its world centre, the City of London, especially that of Russian and criminal interests (the so-called Laundromat). All this has been exposed, firstly by niche media such as Private Eye, and now by most mainstream including Financial Times and Channel 4. I won’t get started on other forces at work, save to say this is close to being a criminal coup dressed in fake nationalist flags.

  9. John Griffin is that the same NHS which the ‘new labour’ mortgaged with uncontrollable ill informed PFI schemes which will take 30-40 years to pay back almost bankrupting the country, which is now on its knees as a result and probably can now only be saved by private investment, because all our funds are being used to control the total uncontrollable spending of Blair and his brainless cabinet, which resulted in the financial crash we are still struggling to repair.

    And is that the same tax evasion that was exploited through Blair’s decade when he invited all those Russian, Chinese and Arab investor into London to build the towers and cities we see today.

    They are all as bad as each other, just easy to blame the other side when not in power, maybe a better solution would be to work together in coalition, but then both sides would need to have proposals that could be delivered.

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