Politicians may be slugging it out nationally over Brexit, but a Burntwood councillor is preparing to take on an altogether different fight.

Cllr Doug Pullen

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Burntwood Town Council and a Conservative member of Lichfield District Council, will take to the boxing ring to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

His charity bout is also crossing the political divide, with Labour councillors donating to the cause as long as he agrees to fight out of the red corner!

And Cllr Pullen joked that some of his political rivals would be going along to the bout on 23rd March to see him “get beaten”.

The father-of-five said: “I’m a Conservative councillor but I have had a lot of support from loads of Labour councillors.

“I said if Labour raised £100 I would box out of the red corner, which of course they have duly done.

“Some Labour councillors are coming on the evening probably to watch me get beaten up in the ring and some Conservatives to show some support.

“I will have so many debates with people who are in different political spheres than me, but when it comes down to raising money and beating cancer, everybody is absolutely on the same side.”

Cllr Pullen signed up for the Ultra White Collar Boxing event to lose weight after Christmas.

But he revealed that his training and exercise regime has also helped with the depression he was suffering before signing up. 

Thanks to his training at Walsall Woods ABC gym, Cllr Pullen has so far managed to drop from 15st 4lbs to 14st. 

He has also raised more than £600 for Cancer Research UK so far. The charity is close to his heart because his 64-year-old mother Helen is currently undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer.

Doug said Helen, of Solihull, would be attending to support him in his bout which will take place at The Hub in Walsall College.

He added: “I had seen other people do Ultra White Collar Boxing events over the last few years and thought it was something I wanted to do, but I could never fit it into my work schedule.

“Then after Christmas I realised I could probably do with losing a little bit of weight so I signed up.

“Also, it’s about raising money for Cancer Research UK and I lost my grandfather to skin cancer about ten years ago and my mum is having radiotherapy at the moment for breast cancer.

“There are two reasons to do it for my health. One was to lose weight and improve my physical fitness and the other was my mental health.

“I’ve lost over a stone since I started the training and, more importantly, I came off my depression medication before the training and feel great.

“I’ve done that a few times and usually when I come off my medication I really struggle for a couple of months before going back onto another drug.

“But since I started training I haven’t had any depressive episodes, I’ve just been really focused and really positive.

“A lot of that has to do with the people you’re training with, having something to work towards and just feeling better physically.”

People can donate to Cllr Pullen’s fundraising effort at justgiving.com/doug-pullen.

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  1. Well done, Doug – not so much for offering bimself as a punchbag (tho you have form on this!) but on talking about depression so openly. This can only help others, break down the stigma of mental illness and promote good mental health. Respect.

  2. Excellent idea and well done to him. May I also suggest that for the same charity, Lichfield and Burntwood constituents are allowed to pelt tomatoes at Conservative Cabinet members responsible for The Friarsgate fiasco?

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