A new Conservative councillor has been co-opted onto Burntwood Town Council – two years after resigning as a Labour representative.

Keith Willis-Croft

Cllr Keith Willis-Croft had previously represented the red side of the council in the Chasetown ward.

But he has now been named as one of two new Conservative councillors co-opted onto the authority following the resignations of Richard Mosson and Brenda Rigby.

He will now represent the Gorstey Lee ward and serve alongside fellow new face Cllr Brian Bacon, the husband of fellow councillor Norma Bacon, who will take the role in the Summerfield and All Saints ward, made vacant when Mrs Rigby stepped down two years after it emerged she had moved 190 miles away from the town.

Cllr Bacon is also currently a member of Lichfield City Council.

Cllr Di Evans, leader of the Labour opposition group, said her party had put forward candidates of their own.

“The late resignations of the two former Conservative councillors mean the replacements will only be councillors for a short time before the local elections on 2nd May.

“Mr Mosson resigned a few weeks ago, first from Burntwood Town Council and later from Lichfield District Council. Mrs Rigby failed to resign until very recently, despite the fact that she moved 190 miles away, which obviously meant she was unable to adequately represent the people who elected her as a councillor.

“If Mrs Rigby had not resigned she would have lost her seat anyway due to her non-attendance at meetings.

“We did put forward two able people, but they were rejected in a secret  ballot. However, we are working hard to ensure we will take back control in May.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Conservative leader of Burntwood Town Council, was unavailable for comment.


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  1. We will be printing leaflets reproducing what Mr Willis-Croft said about local Conservatives i.e. Beth Fisher, Matthew Ellis etc when he was a Labour councillor in order to assist voters when they come to decide on who to vote for in May.

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