The Sleaze Brothers

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With a repertoire of popular songs and a stage act honed through more than 30 years of playing together, The Sleaze Brothers gave their large audience a good time at the Guildhall.

The Sleaze Brothers

The six piece of two guitars, saxophone, keyboards, drums and bass, ably supported the gravelly vocals of Martin Derry, ploughed through hits from the 1960s until the present day.

The material ranged from favourites such as Midnight Hour, Mustang Sally, and Sam Cooke’s Bring it on Home to Me, to the string strangling antics of Tim Perks during JJ Cales’ Cocaine, or their faster take on Bob Dylan’s Watching the River Flow, to the most modern song in the set-list, Seasick Steve’s I Started Out With Nothing And I’ve Still Got Most Of It Left.

Songs such as Blueberry Hill, sung by guitarist David Mitchell, or Gimme Some Lovin’ bought down the tempo, but not the night’s intensity, while saxophone, guitar and keyboard solos were in abundance.

A cracking rendition of Wilson Picket’s Land of a Thousand Dances served as an encore, and shows that when it comes to creating a great party atmosphere, The Sleaze Brothers are as good a band as any.


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