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Conservatives accused of “abandoning Burntwood Town Council” after fielding just six candidates

The Conservatives have been accused of “abandoning Burntwood Town Council”.

Darren Ennis
Darren Ennis

It comes after just six Tory candidates were put forward – with seven Labour councillors already elected in uncontested wards.

The numbers mean the Conservatives will lose control of the town council, despite winning 16 seats at the last election.

Cllr Darren Ennis, who has won through for Labour in the unelected in the Chasetown ward, said the way the current controlling Tory group had deserted the town raised serious questions.

He said: “After four years of control where the Conservatives had a majority of 16 to six, they can now only put forward six Candidates forward for Burntwood Town Council?

“It’s a disgrace that they have manged to put 11 candidates forward for the Burntwood seats at Lichfield District Council but only six for the town council.

“If these candidates care so much for Burntwood then they would want to fight for all aspects for Burntwood on every level of council not just the district surely?

“Could it have anything to do with the District Council Allowances and the fact town councillors don’t get any?”

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  1. tonye roberts

    7th April, 2019 at 9:16 am

    This says quite a bit from the local tories. not bothering with the town and going straight for the seat with all the money and power. also, i noticed that the tories in burntwood are standing in different areas, is this allowed? i would only like to vote for poeple in the same place

  2. Wai-Lee Ho

    7th April, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    Hi Tonye,

    My name is Wai-Lee and I am a Conservative candidate for the Highfield Ward in Burntwood. I am not standing for Burntwood Town Council but I am for Hammerwich Parish Council as I was co-opted onto it a few years ago amongst other people due to vacant seats and I would like to continue the progress we have made there for the residents thus why I am standing there. My personal reason for not also standing for Burntwood Town Council is because if I was elected onto all 3 councils, I feel I would be missing out too much on raising my son who is currently only 1 years old. Incidentally Hammerwich Parish councillors do not get an allowance.

    In regards to your comment on candidates standing in different areas, do you mean not actually living in the ward they are standing for? If so I will try and answer that for you:

    So, I live in Burntwood on the border of Boney Hay and Central Ward and Highfield Ward. I choose to stand for Highfield Ward because amongst other things I have a strong connections to that ward. I went to Fulfen Primary School, I take my dogs for walks around Pipe Hall Farm and I’m hoping my children will go to primary school in that ward. Other candidates might not live in a particular ward but have strong connections to it so decide to stand there. In other cases a party might not have a member that lives in that particular ward but perhaps in a ward near by so ask them if they would like to stand there. There’s many reasons.

    I sincerely think that District councillors aren’t in it for the money, but rather in it for their community.

    So to summarise:

    1. You don’t have to live in a ward to stand there. BUT you do have to live in the district. There are strict guidelines candidates must adhere to or nomination papers wont be accepted.

    2. Candidates are people with families and personal commitments so please try not to pre-judge them.

    3. People become councillors because they want good things for their community.

    I hope I have answered your questions in an honest and impartial manner, Tonye.

    Thank you


    Wai-Lee Ho

  3. Michel Souris

    7th April, 2019 at 10:23 pm

    Wai-Lee – I think that it is naive to say the councillors want good things for their community.

    The current LDC have a track record of failure. They have ignored the recommendations of the Independent Remuneration Panel and awarded themselves a 15% increase in their allowances three years ago. Several Cabinet Members have admitted that they have not met the expected standards for office by failing to declare business interests. Friarsgate – the loss of £12m on that project, the lack of policy direction, housing expansion without any concomitant infrastructure development all point to incompetence. the current council do not have the capacity to create an environment which makes Lichfield a dynamic environment where employers want to create work, the schools are flourishing, the services meet the needs of the citizens and not those of developers.

    Yes, I am sure a couple of them have an altruistic reason for serving on the Council but many of them do it to wield power, have status within the community or feed their ego.

  4. Wai-Lee Ho

    8th April, 2019 at 12:43 pm

    Hi Michel,

    Thank you for reaching out to me.

    You make some very valid points and perhaps I am a little naive, after all this will be my first time standing in Lichfield District elections. One thing I am 100% sure of though is that I am very enthusiastic and hopeful that I can make a positive impact to our community.

    You are right, there has been some shortfalls in the current LDC. There has been some failings in regards to Friars gate, but if LDC continued along that road we could have lost more of our money so I am grateful that it was stopped at that point. You know what though? If you haven’t failed, it means you haven’t tried. And why wouldn’t councillors act in the best interests of our district, after all it is their homes too.

    There is a healthy intake of new candidates from all parties in these upcoming elections, some of which I went to school with and we have a healthy relationship of mutual respect and admiration regardless of which party we are standing for. Well I certainly do anyway, I wouldn’t want to speak for every candidate but I hope they share my sentiment.

    So with this new intake of “fresh blood” I am hoping there will be an era of co-operation between everyone. I have already said (if elected) As long as notions are sensible and safe and will have a benefit to our communities, I am happy to work with anyone to get results.

    You know what though Michael, I don’t believe in altruistic reasons. Because what is best for our community is also best for me and my family. Why else do we submit ourselves to (very harsh at times) public scrutiny? Because we want the best for our families. We want our families to live in a safe and prosperous community. That’s the whole point right?

    I hope my reply satisfies your reason for commenting on here. Please be kind to local candidates and councillors, we are trying our best.


    Wai-Lee Ho

    Conservative Candidate for Highfield Ward, Burntwood.

  5. tonye roberts

    8th April, 2019 at 8:31 pm

    Mr Ho thank you. i was confused as there are a few people standing in 1 seat for the town and then a different for the district. forgive me if this is wrong as i had to write the name down; keith willis croft is standing in 2 different areas. brian bacon is standing in 2 diferent areas. thomas lourgough is standing in 2 different areas. norman bacon 2 different areas. sam tapper 2 different areas. why is this happening? i would like my person to win both seats in my area, not 1 here and 1 there.

    2 the sky is blue and dogs bark. if these people want to be councilrs then they need to put up with other people

    3 i know but ive not heard anyhing good about my local council. what is all the talk about firesgate and our money being spent on it? i would like to see my roads fixed and my brown bins go back to no payment

  6. Strumpet

    9th April, 2019 at 2:50 am

    ‘A little naive’? You don’t sound so naive on twitter with your relentless brexit nonsense and ridiculous screeching about Jeremy Corbyn and his ‘anti-semitism’. I don’t suppose it has anything to do with Mr Fabricant being Jewish and in the ERG? You Sir are a brown-noser of epic proportions. I wish you, and all the other tories a good hiding in the locals.

  7. Wai-Lee Ho

    9th April, 2019 at 9:43 am

    Hi Strumpet,

    Thanks for following me on Twitter, be sure to retweet and like any tweets that resonate with you. (I presume you follow me if you know what I tweet about)

    You are quite right, I do tweet my support for leaving the EU because I believe our great country is strong enough to stand on our own 2 feet. I have great faith in our people to be able to rise to any challenge and succeed.

    I don’t see how Mr. Fabricant being of Jewish heritage has anything specifically to do with my highlighting the anti-semitism unfortunately present in the Labour party. And if you don’t high-light these things they may never be address and never go away. I think my last tweet in regards to anti-semitism was about Labour’s Parliamentary candidate Abby King calling someone a “F*%£$*g Ethiopian Jew” on twitter. I am grateful that I know no one like this in the local Labour group and in fact some have openly disagreed with Abby’s tweet.

    It’s unfortunately you have this opinion of me but Heigh-ho life goes on. I hope that if I do get elected, I am able to change your mind.



    Wai-Lee Ho

  8. Richard Cox

    9th April, 2019 at 10:16 am

    End this relentless personal abuse of candidates, political parties. It’s destroying a willingness to serve the community with this constant and relentless counter productive comments and as said on another news lead time to stop and be respectful to each other on all accounts.

    Stop it! For the sake of humanity and respect for each other

  9. Michel Souris

    9th April, 2019 at 5:25 pm

    Richard Cox – maybe Councillors would gain respect if they showed some towards their electorate.

    In the past few months we have learned that Cabinet Members have ignored the standards expected of Councillors yet we have had no apology from them.
    Second, Councillors have shown a distinct lack of respect for each other eg Mike Wilcox ‘forgetting’ to share reports with the whole of the Birmingham Rd Working Group; the Cabinet not submitting plans for the Debenhams Car park repair to the Scrutiny Committee.

    Councillors reap what they sow and many of them do not demonstrate respect for their colleagues and electors.

  10. Wilf

    9th April, 2019 at 10:35 pm

    Charity begins at home, Richard, so you may want to reign your colleague O’Hagan in if you’re not enjoying people online slinging mud around like it’s going out of fashion.

  11. Strumpet

    10th April, 2019 at 8:17 am

    Richard Cox, where’s the humanity and respect coming from tories? I’m living in a society where schools are underfunded, where the NHS is being privatised, 3 police stations left in Staffordshire and crime rising rapidly, nurses paying for training, young and old can’t get affordable housing, Lichfields only homeless project closed down and a conservative created brexit nightmare. I spent over 20 years in the NHS before becoming disabled, so i’ve a good insight into work and poverty and i know who’s made the policies that make my life, and many others, extremely tough.

    I’m angry, and that anger is directed at tories – particularly show-boating, self promoting ones who also think i can be distracted by screeching anti-Semitism nonsense from a tory party that is rank with racists. It’s not anti-Semitic to criticise Israel, end of.

    Lichfield council is conservative ( though what they ‘conserve’ is anyone’s guess) and are doing what the conservatives in the big house tell them to. I loathe their policies and attitudes as i’ve seen the chaos it causes. People have had enough of seeing money pour out of this country into tax havens and we’re getting feisty about it – what do you expect? Be gone and be quick about it.

  12. Richard Cox

    10th April, 2019 at 10:05 am

    I’m of the opinion two wrongs don’t make a right therefore there’s no justification whatsoever and yes my plea is to everyone including my colleagues.

  13. John Griffin

    10th April, 2019 at 11:55 am

    The Tories are targeting what they want and abandoning Burntwood as it is all about hands on the £££££. Pullen contesting Highfield because its a walk in. Bet they dont even canvass some wards. My wife hopes to beat Williscroft to BTC as we live in the ward and he in Chasetown.

  14. Richard Cox

    10th April, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    Strumpet et al, I’m also angry at many things however to be personal is not clever and nothing other than a form of bullying. You may choose not to share views and take a different perspective and opinion to another person but it does not give anyone the right to be verbally abusive to any individual.

    That’s my final comment on this matter

  15. John Griffin

    11th April, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    Erratum: Williscroft lives as far north in Burntwood as you can get.

  16. John Griffin

    11th April, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    Perhaps, when we perceive that members of the ruling party (especially the local MP) have done NOTHING to counter a litany of deliberate misery inflicted on the country, are unable to do anything except chant lies (e.g. cause of 2008 crash, need for austerity, anti Semitism) like some playground gang, we are entitled to treat the representatives of the party to how many in the real world feel about them. Basically, when the truth comes out, the Tories in general retreat behind abuse, lies and secrecy (e.g. Friarsgate, Brexit, economic policy, foreign policy….). Don’t complain when others feel angry!

  17. Old Bark

    30th April, 2019 at 10:09 am

    Hi. I don’t usually bother with checking in with the local political scene, however since the Friargate mess I thought I’d look into this election to find which candidates are the most with common sense. I live in Boney Hay and it seems my partner lives in summerfield ward. We’ve both received leaflets from the reds and the blues and no one else. I will have to say the range of candidates go from good to the confusing.
    My Boney Hay leaflets have been a good read. The reds seem to know more about the area and already have a helpful councillor in Mrs Evans. I got another leaflet last night telling me how Burntwood conservaties voted against giving £1million to Burntwood. The blues seem to have used the same leaflet as my partner received. After reading their leaflet I was a little annoyed at their claims that they have helped sankeys corner, and on the back they talk about drayton manor, the arboretum and the lichfield business park. I do not see how this helps Burntwood?

    I will have to say, I am vastly disappointed with the local conservative party in this election. although I do not vote labour, it certainly seems they take more interest in Burntwood. I’ve read the comments here and some candidates twitters and i am disappointed how many candidates would rather talk about brexit than the local issue. As it is i cannot vote for the conservatives in this election and wish the best of luck for those who want to help Burntwood

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