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Lichfield’s MP says he welcomes new traffic orders in Yoxall and Kings Bromley – but believes more still needs to be done.

Staffordshire County Council has introduced restrictions in a bid to cut the amount of HGV traffic travelling through the villages.

Experimental traffic orders have been put in place along the A515 after talks with the Staffordshire Freight and Communities Forum, while a number of right hand turn restrictions have also begun.

Michael Fabricant MP

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said the changes were having an impact, but warned that greater action may also be needed.

“These appear to have reduced traffic flows substantially at night, but heavy movements continue throughout the day,” he said.

“The Yoxall Traffic Action Group estimate that around 200 heavy trucks continue to drive through Yoxall on the dangerous dog-leg while children walk to and from a primary school on narrow pavements.

“I will continue to work with the Action Group and Parish Councils to see how this can be reduced.”

Officials say they will regularly review the impact of orders, which will be in place for an initial 18 months.

Nick Whitwell of the Yoxall Traffic Action Group, said:  “On the face of it, the traffic orders are delivering pretty much what the county’s traffic survey said, namely that this would remove the bulk of the lorries from the evening and night time, but it is leaving high volumes in the early morning and through the day.

“It is clear from the research we have done that 90% of these vehicles are turning left at the bottom of the A515 and so just taking a short cut like the A513.

“This road is of absolutely no strategic value and this has been confirmed by our recent meeting with Lomas Transport and Tarmac who have both agreed not to use the road in future months.

“They say it is cheaper for them to use the A38 and A50 as the road through Yoxall is dangerous.

“However a weight limit and a change of status of the road would be simpler to police.”

Mr Fabricant added: “I have considerable sympathy with the arguments of Mr Whitwell.

“A weight limit for through traffic – not for deliveries within the area – would still seem to be the best solution for the appalling traffic conditions through Yoxall and Kings Bromley.”

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