Labour has outlined the manifesto it hopes will connect with voters in Lichfield and Burntwood ahead of the local elections.

Voters will go to the polls on 2nd May to elect new members of Lichfield District Council.

The Labour party says it has taken an inclusive approach to drawing up its five election pledges:

  • Ensure the building of genuinely affordable housing for local people while protecting the Green Belt.
  • End the one-size-fits-all ‘Bin Tax’ and introduce a fairer scheme.
  • Provide cleaner and clearer streets by tackling litter, fly-tipping and parking issues.
  • Improve community safety, providing greater reassurance against crime
  • Spend taxpayer money wisely – with sound, fair and transparent budgets.
Cllr Sue Woodward

Cllr Sue Woodward, the current Labour group leader at Lichfield District Council who is standing down at the local elections, said: “This has been a very inclusive process and, as one of my final tasks before I end my term of office, I am proud to present our manifesto to residents across the whole of Lichfield district.

“We want a council that treats all of its residents as equals, across every one of the many communities in the district.

“We also want to ensure that council decisions take local views into account and are made in a transparent and open way, not just between a few lead members behind closed doors.”

“Blueprint for change”

David Robertson, chair of the Lichfield district branch of the Labour party and a candidate in the forthcoming elections, said: “Scores of activists have spent much of the last six months talking to friends, neighbours and colleagues about the issues that affect them and their families.

“This manifesto is the culmination of that process and represents a blueprint for change in Lichfield district.

“People are fed up with development which fails to meet the needs of residents, particularly young families.

“They are fed up with the reckless, and seemingly endless, spending on the Friarsgate fiasco and they are fed up with the damage done to our precious public services, from policing to street cleaning, by government austerity.

“The local elections will offer voters a chance for an end to the financial irresponsibility of the Conservative council and a chance to see more affordable housing, safer and cleaner streets, fairer taxes and budgets which are transparent and sound.”

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