Ian Jackson and Jamie Christie

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A Lib Dem local election candidate has urged voters in Lichfield not to allow the Conservatives to turn the city into a place that’s “only for the retired and high earners”.

Jamie Christie will be standing alongside Ian Jackson and Lee Cadwallader-Allan in the Leomansley ward on 2nd May.

Ian Jackson and Jamie Christie

The trio are hoping to boost the numbers for the party on Lichfield District Council from the single councillor currently in the chamber.

And Jamie believes residents need to remember the actions of the Conservative-controlled district council when they cast their votes.

“We believe that the Conservative-controlled district and city councils have got away for too long with bad decisions,” he said.

“In Leomansley, I’ll be standing against Conservative councillors who introduced the unpopular brown bin charge and showed terrible judgement in supporting a proposal for the council to borrow £50m to fund the collapsed Friarsgate development when other funds failed to materialise. 

“By contrast, the Liberal Democrats have a positive plan for this development. We see housing and leisure at its centre.

“A cinema is needed in the city and whatever Friarsgate’s final shape, the Liberal Democrats believe that affordable and family-centric housing must form part of the development.

“The targets set in the city’s Local Plan for affordable housing are missed every year – only 130 affordable homes were built last year in the whole of Lichfield district.

“We can’t just be a place for the retired and high earners.”

“Make a real change”

The Lib Dem hopeful says he is determined to see councillors active throughout their term of office.

“We’ll keep up our campaigns for proper funding for the NHS and social care to stop the effects of damaging cuts to our public services,” he said. “GP services in Lichfield are in particular vastly over-stretched.

“We’ll keep working with residents all year round – not just in the weeks before an election – on all sorts of issues like improving local roads, parking, improving services for housing association tenants.

“Big or small, it all matters to someone.

“On May 2nd, we urge residents across the district to vote for the Liberal Democrats to make a real change for Lichfield and Burntwood.”


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4 replies on “Lib Dems urge voters to ensure Tories “don’t turn Lichfield into a place that’s only home to the retired and high earners””

  1. Have the local Lib Dems explained why long-time stalwart Jeyan Anketel is standing as an Indie rather than a member of the Yellow team?

  2. I wonder if the candidates could explain how they are going to pay for all that they are promising? Perhaps the clue is in the “housing must form part of the development”.

    The leaflet they’ve put through my door tells me Ian Jackson was Chair of Leomansley Action Group who opposed building on the green belt. That is admirable but can anyone confirm the building that they opposed was actually Darwin Park, where a lot of Leomansley voters live?

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