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Drivers in Lichfield and Burntwood are being reassured that an extra £5million is being spent in Staffordshire to tackle potholes.

Staffordshire County Council says the money is part of a package of investment aimed at tackling road repairs and improving journeys.

Cllr Helen Fisher, Cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “Good roads are important for this council, for communities and for businesses, not just for getting us to where we need to be, but in underpinning a growing economy and supporting better access to jobs, education and housing.

“With more than 6,000km of roads and 4,500km of footways, just keeping on top of maintaining the huge network is always going to be the challenge.

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“That is why is so important that we make the best use of every pound we invest and focus where we can on schemes which deliver the best value and longer-term term benefits.”

In addition to the funding for maintenance projects, wider investment, including more than £2million from private developer contributions, will support improvements to a number of road safety schemes, create cycling paths and give better access to a number of railway stations across the county.

Cllr Fisher added: “This really is a package of investments, which together with the help of national grants and partnership funding, will really improve journeys across the county.”

The full 2019/20 Highways and Transport Capital programme will be presented to the council’s Cabinet for approval on 17th April.


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5 replies on “County council confirms additional £5m will be spent tackling potholes”

  1. Maybe if you can put some effort into keeping the HGVs off our town roads and insist they use the Trunk Roads, then maybe our roads will last a bit longer and not need so much maintenance, which is funded by the county council. Trunk Roads are maintained by Highways England. Just a thought.

  2. we need that much for lichfield never mine the rest of staffordshire it took the county highways over 18 months to repair two small potholes by the close.- good business for those wonderful contractors AMEY

  3. These news releases are like April Fools Day meets Ground Hog Day.
    An announcement of extra money but again there will be no visible improvement.
    And in a year it will be time to repair the botched repairs – again.

  4. £2 million pounds from Developers in Staffordshire.

    For the relentless building developers have done in Staffordshire, all the extra congestion they have created, all of the damage they have done to the roads transporting tonnes of rubble, soil and supplies. They have built the equivalent of 4 – 8 houses for free.

    How kind of them.

  5. The standard of repairs to potholes is poor generally. By giving the work to framework contractors who then employ sub contractors of sub contractors, any quality control and checking of repairs by a Council employed Clerk of Works is unaffordable due to the cut each middle man takes.
    Look at Lichfield city centre – cobbled streets replaced with sections of tarmac after utility works have taken place. When are we going to learn?

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