Roy Tovey

A prospective Labour councillor has hit back at criticisms of him not living in the area he hopes to represent.

Roy Tovey

Roy Tovey, who will stand in the Summerfield and All Saints ward for both Lichfield District Council and Burntwood Town Council, says Conservative election material has questioned his lack of links to the area.

But businessman Mr Tovey told Lichfield Live that he was a firm supporter of the town.

“I may live ten minutes’ drive from the town,” he said. “But my enthusiasm and belief in Burntwood as a place where a business can thrive is strong.

“This town has, within the community, people with the drive and ability to benefit any company, large or small, to promote local success and good employment opportunities – that benefits the whole town.”

Mr Tovey said he has created jobs in the town through the business he set up with money he received after being made redundant from his job as a mineworker.

He said he has also acquired another premises in Burntwood and hopes to create more jobs.

“I have a real stake in the future of this town and the comments made by my opponents reveal them to be small-minded and anti-business,” he said.

“I’m happy to demonstrate my belief in Burntwood by investing here. What have they done to benefit Burntwood? One has even just moved away from Burntwood to Lichfield where she currently holds a county council seat.

“I would challenge my opponents to show a greater commitment and explain why they are standing only for district council seats, those that give a financial reward, but are not standing for the unpaid role of town councillors.

“I’m proud to be standing for both.”

Candidates for Summerfield and All Saints ward at Burntwood Town Council:
Brian Bacon (Cons)
Bernard Brown (Lab)
Laura Ennis (Lab)
Ivan Holdsworth (Lab)
Thomas Loughbrough Heron (Cons)
Steve Taylor (Lab)
Roy Tovey (Lab)

Candidates for Summerfield and All Saints ward at Lichfield District Council
Bernard Brown (Lab)
Laura Ennis (Lab)
John Hitchin (UKIP)
Ken Humphreys (Cons)
Natasha Pullen (Cons)
Roy Tovey (Lab)
Heather Tranter (Cons)

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5 replies on “Burntwood Labour candidate hits back at Conservative criticism that he does not live in the town”

  1. Conservative election material has questioned his links to the area…. Hmmm. I think the blue team needs to look at its own candidates before pulling up others. The Chadsmead election material claims the Tories are the “local choice” based on two candidates who don’t live in Chadsmead! People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones as the saying goes.

  2. The issue of not living in the ward for election is irrelevant as long as the candidates in question are prepared to represent all to the best of their abilities.
    It appears too much commentary is focused on this subject from all parties/independent candidates.
    Also the rotten boroughs report, its only rotten as result of democracy in its current form and therefore candidates who stand should be congratulated for doing so and certainly not drawn into representing their party with a shadow of criticism over them. No wonder there’s not enough candidates to cover every seat available by each political party or independent.
    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t springs to mind.

  3. I do hope though that Mr Tovey is standing for the right reasons and not to benefit himself and his business that is based in Burntwood. Because if this was ever the case then any ground and trust that the Labour party gain will very quickly be eroded. We have already seen in the blue camp what comes of not being honest with the electorate, and we don’t want and shouldn’t have to go through this again.

  4. @Richard – whilst it’s completely down to the electorate to decide whether residence in the ward is important, my point was about the inconsistency of the blue team criticising others whilst being in the same position with candidates living outside the ward they are seeking to represent. And if it doesn’t matter, why include the words “local choice” in your leaflets? Why not be honest about the lack of true links with the ward?

    Re rotten boroughs, are you advocating something other than the FPTP system with your comment about “current form”?

  5. And let’s not forget the very recent Conservative councillor who was found to live over 100 miles from her constituency….//

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