A Lib Dem councillor says the results of the local elections in Lichfield showed voters were in tune with his party’s stance on local and national issues.

Some of the new Lib Dem councillors at the local elections count

Cllr Paul Ray’s comments come after he was re-elected onto Lichfield District Council and Lichfield City Council, while seven of his colleagues were also elected to the latter.

And he believes the results show the public are looking for an alternative to the Conservative and Labour.

“The fact that a record number of Liberal Democrats were elected with just under 30% of the Lichfield vote shows that residents are responding very favourably to our realistic pragmatic approach to local problems and our policies, as well as our consistent attitude towards Brexit,” he said.

“In the district elections, other Lib Dem candidates came within a dozen votes of victory, as Conservative leads were eroded, showing that people like what we have to say.”

Cllr Ray said the new Lib Dem councillors were keen to get started on dealing with the issues raised on the doorstep during the run up to the local elections.

“We look forward to serving the residents of Lichfield and Burntwood, and dealing with those matters which were raised during the campaign,” he said.

“We heard many voices raised in protest at the disgraceful state of public services and the lack of affordable housing, especially for young families.

“We also heard many complaints about the way that the Friarsgate development has been mismanaged.

“We will continue to keep pressure on the Conservative-led council to resolve this issue in a way that meets the needs and the wishes that we have heard expressed, which includes working with housing associations to develop centrally-located, affordable housing to revive the city centre as well as providing much needed improved leisure facilities for the younger generations.”


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