A newly-elected Burntwood councillor says he hopes previous bitterness between political groups can be set aside for the good of local residents.

Thomas Loughbrough

Cllr Thomas Loughbrough won a seat on Burntwood Town Council for the Conservatives in the Summerfield and All Saints ward at the local elections.

The new leader of the Labour-controlled authority has already called for actions as well as words after the Tory leader of Lichfield District Council said he hoped to work with political rivals in the town.

And Cllr Loughbrough believes the chance for a fresh start should not be allowed to pass by.

“In the next four years I look forward to working on the regeneration of Burntwood, especially on the Burntwood Town Plan agreed by all parties,” he said.

“I believe it is vital Burntwood gets a fair share and I will work with the ruling Labour party on the town council to find areas of common ground.

“There is a lot to offer in this town and it is good to see new faces playing an active role in local democracy.

“There will be times when we understandably disagree, but we should do so in a dignified manner.

“We must put aside the years of bitterness and work together for a better Burntwood that delivers on the needs of those who live here.”

“No limit to ambition”

Cllr Loughbrough said he hoped his election to the council would encourage others to enter the world of local politics.

He said: “I am delighted to have been elected as a councillor.

“I promise to do all that I can to work for their interests and to protect the local facilities that matter so much to local people.

“I’m just glad to have been elected and be able to show some of my friends who also have autism that there is no limit to ambition when you work hard.”


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  1. This is exactly why I’ve set out, as the new Council Leader, to change the way we work together in a constructive and consensual way for the benefit of our town and its residents. Glad you’re on board, Tom.

  2. Any chance you lot can do something about the shortage of school places in Burntwood? We live in Hammerwich yet my daughter was refused entry to EDA while 33 were permitted entry from Norton Canes and about 25 from Walsall which isn’t even in Staffordshire!!!!! Where is my council tax going???

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