A new defibrillator has been installed at a crematorium in Lichfield.

Jo Walker, manager at Lichfield & District Crematorium with Donna Stokes, from the British Heart Foundation

The device, which can potentially save the life of someone suffering a cardiac arrest, has been fitted at the Lichfield & District Crematorium.

Dignity, the operator of the facility, have raised funds for the defibrillator through their charity partner, British Heart Foundation.

The installation comes after the deaths of two mourners at funerals in the UK due to heart problems in the past six months.

Jo Walker, crematorium manager, said: “Every minute without CPR or defibrillation reduces a person’s chance of surviving a cardiac arrest by around 10%.

“We will always call an ambulance but wanted to do everything we possibly can to provide immediate help.

“Our partnership with British Heart Foundation has enabled us to purchase a defibrillator to be located at the crematorium for use during an emergency.”

Dignity made British Heart Foundation their charity partner in 2017 and has already raised more than £450,000 by hosting events across the UK.

Donna Stokes, from the British Heart Foundation, said: “We thank Dignity for their commitment to the community and the money they have raised to fund life-saving research that helps keep more families together.

“Defibrillators need to be available in areas of greatest risk – such as where crowds gather,a location where people are naturally anxious or under stress or possibly somewhere that an ambulance may take time to reach due to traffic congestion or distance from a hospital – so a crematorium meets all of these requirements.”

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8 replies on “Defibrillator is installed at Lichfield crematorium”

  1. No, the jokes are quick and easy, but crematoriums are probably the places that get the most numbers of very elderly people in a state of great upset.

  2. Before the deluge of other very sensitive commentators respond, can we please remember to try and retain a sense of humour, which I think Chris was trying to do…


  3. @Claire. Fair point, maybe. I’m just getting fed up of so many people on here and other social media platforms who react solely to headlines.


  4. @Asellus. Point taken. Sadly, everybody seems to want to be offended by something these days, and instantly reacting to a headline appears to be the modern version of an instant soapbox. Sad really.

  5. @Asellus aquaticus & Clair Skinner…. These forums are not really for in depth debate. Few offer a reasoned opinion and prefer tennis politics where you critisise contributors opinions without adding anything. Most contributions are ‘one liners’. Often there is a bigoted attitude with polarised positions. You have to develop a thick skin if you choose to take part. As for Defibrillators, it would be interesting to know the statistics of heart attacks at crematoriums. If the need is compelling enough then that might be sensible. It depends on your attitude to resuscitation and that of the patient. Lastly, I very much appreciate the oppertunity to express a personal view, and thank Ross and his team for that. It is important that our elected representatives are aware that their decisions are being scrutinised.

  6. In one sense I can see and understand the logic behind installing a defibrillator at a crematorium which is a funeral is an event and situation where no matter what your health status is owing to a combination of upset grief and more to the point the fact that your stress levels are inevitably going to be sky high it probably is a good idea for every UK crematorium and cemetery to install a defibrillator as a (legal) precaution.

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