An artist's impression of HS2

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Councillors say they remain committed to getting the best deal for the region on HS2.

An artist’s impression of HS2

Staffordshire County Council members approved a motion last month reaffirming a pledge originally made in 2011.

The controversial high speed rail line will cut through parts of Lichfield and the surrounding villages when it is built.

Lichfield District Council recently voted to call for a halt to preparatory works until the final approval is given for HS2 to be constructed – a move which has been followed by the county council.

Cllr Mark Winnington, the county council’s Cabinet member for economic growth, said: “We have been clear from the outset, that if this scheme does go ahead we want to make sure the voice of Staffordshire is not only heard, but ensure we secure tangible benefits for this county.

“With Phase 2a now being brought forward, we have reaffirmed our position as a whole council to get the best deal in both phases.

“As part of this we are working closely with partners to ensure we also improve connectivity.”


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4 replies on “County councillors say they remain committed to getting best HS2 deal for region”

  1. I respect the County Council’ attempt to get the best out of a bad thing but in all honesty HS2 are going to destroy Staffordshire and no mitigation will alter this fact.

    HS2 know this and that’s why they are now upping their propaganda and throwing our money at communities to get them on their side. All the money wasted so far in trying to justify a white elephant that this vanity project is nothing but criminal. The government should scrap it immediately and invest the money in improving the existing rail network and open up closed lines to improve connectivity that everyone can benefit from.

  2. Cllr Cox, who is going to stop this juggernaut? Not the Tories, and certainly not the next Tory PM, probably ‘Thames Garden Bridge’ Johnson. When all the opposition parties are busy scoring off each other, the Greens made little headway, the LibDems attracting temporary votes and the weasels of ChangeUK, and Labour is attacked daily by the instruments of foreign governments and Blairites? Almost no chance !

  3. Now the County Council is apeing Lichfield District Council in trying to hold up this Railway, they shouldn’t , they should support Railways and reconsider their plans to build more roads instead. The recent news that the £1.6 bn M4 relief road in Newport Wales has been scrapped shows that ‘the road building consensus’ is coming to an end! The Welsh first Minister cited amongst other things that environmental concerns outweigh it’s advantages.

    The SCC sponsored Lichfield Southern Bypass should be scapped for the adverse environmental & health risks outweigh any of the ambiguous benefits claimed by the Council’s development officers. We should support all rail projects by scraping road building and using tax payers money to build the sustainable transport that rail can provide.

  4. HS2 would result in a reduction in fast train service from Lichfield to London. Why would this be you may ask? It is because our fast London trains originate in Manchester, and a significant proportion of that traffic would be moved to HS2. This then makes the existing services less viable to operate. It that what Lichfield residents want?

    The existing other services are a long way from capacity, mostly running with only 4 carriages. There is therefore capacity on the West Coast Mainline.

    The capacity issue is around London, and HS2 aims to reduce traffic on the exists lines to London from afar to free them up for commuting, which is in decline.

    This is a vanity project that has costs that far outweigh benefits for the many. The world is changing, we need to move less and less as technology allows us to work in many different countries from anywhere – I do it every day, as do more and more other workers. Home working is also increasing for the same reason. It is also far more common for working time to be flexible which reduces the pressure on a short commuting period.

    Efficiency of existing rail services can be greatly improved by sorting out the sometimes shocking standard of signalling cabling that I have seen, no wonder it fails regularly.

    HS2 should be scrapped – to stop wasting out taxes. There are 17 companies employed trying to convince us we need it, that should tell everyone all they need to know.

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