KFC sign. Pic: Mike Mozart

Burntwood could be getting a new KFC drive-thru restaurant if plans are approved.

An application has been submitted to Lichfield District Council to build the new food outlet on the so-called ‘blue hoarding’ site off Milestone Way.

The fried chicken chain’s outlet would see an access created off Robins Road.

The 330 square metre building would also have 27 parking spaces as part of the development.

A statement supporting the application said: “It is considered that given the nature of the proposed use, the principle of the proposed development in the town centre location would be acceptable.

“It would assist with the regeneration of the area and help to meet the needs of the growing residential population.”

Full details are available on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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9 replies on “Plans unveiled for new KFC drive-thru in Burntwood”

  1. So useful in the regeneration? Where do they get these PR jokes from? Doctor, school, proper shops in s proper centre, youth facilities, ……The lust of useful items is long. This will do zero .

  2. What’s happened to the money collected from developer’s through the COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE LEVEY.

  3. Wait a minute… They’re actually going to USE the land in that blue boarded area? That’s been vacant (but was supposed to be a cinema or something if I remember) since Safeway Burntwood (now Morrisons) was built in…. 2000?

  4. Does this proposal add to the infra structure plan and the need for an improved medical centre and more housing requirements and the proposed recreation route I DONT THINK SO????

  5. If this happens there really is no hope for Burntwood. We have endless houses being built (yes we need them) but nothing to support it – as others have said no new schools, doctors surgeries, or decent retail developments. We have such limited shopping opportunities – Morrison’s, Aldi or a choice of at least four Co-Ops.

    All I’ve heard of the new development at Sankey’s Corner (one of the most depressing shopping areas in the county) is a 24 hour gym and possibly a B&M bargains (just no) !! Apart from a couple of decent pubs in the sticks you have to travel to Lichfield for a nice restaurant. We have no train station – but a rumour to turn the old line into a cycle path. There really is so little in Burntwood to be proud of these days – it’s a real shame. Lichfield district Council have little to no interest in improving it. Cannock seems to be the land of opportunity these days – who’d have thought that 20 years ago?

    A Waitrose, Sainsbury’s or even a Tesco would make some improvement but not a KFC.

  6. The KFC will be right in front of the new houses. Also, with a 24-hour McDonalds a few hundred yards away, it’ll be a race track each night for the boy racers.

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