Michael Fabricant during his visit to the Bombardier facility

Lichfield’s MP has been given a behind the scenes glimpse of a train maintenance yard near Barton-under-Needwood.

Michael Fabricant during his visit to the Bombardier facility

Michael Fabricant visited the Bombardier facility yesterday (21st June) to see workers preparing the trains for another day of service.

And he admitted he was surprised by some of the high-tech equipment used to keep the rolling stock in top condition.

“Every night, the sidings and rail sheds at Bombardier are packed with Virgin West Coast and Arriva Cross Country trains being maintained, refuelled and repaired,” he said.

“I was astonished to see a rail shed which trains go through at 3mph while lasers automatically scan the wheels, the braking system, and other features.

“In another part of the facility, a train was having its wheels ground down and smoothed to keep them circular. 

“On a more mundane, but important level, I saw where trains receive their diesel fuel, fill up with fresh water for their toilets and kitchens, and waste from the toilets pumped away. 

“The most spectacular thing I saw was a whole Virgin train with 11 carriages being lifted by giant hydraulic rams for inspection.”

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