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People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being asked for their views on a plan to reduce air pollution by 2022.

Lichfield District Council has drawn up a draft document outlining how it plans to tackle the issue at two area – Muckley Corner on the A5 and a section of the A38 between Streethay and Alrewas.

Angela Lax

Councillor Angela Lax, Cabinet member for legal and regulatory Services, said: “We are committed to reducing the exposure of our residents to air pollution across the district, to improve their health and the natural environment.

“In our air quality action plan, we explain what we as a district council can do to tackle air quality issues within our control.

“There are a large number of air quality policy areas that are outside of our influence, including roads in particular, that are managed by Highways England. However, we will continue to work with regional and central government on policies and issues.

“I hope local residents will read through the plan. We want them to give us their thoughts on the proposed actions which we can take as a district council.”

The air quality action plan can be downloaded at Views can be sent by emailing or in writing to Environmental Protection, Lichfield District Council, Frog Lane, Lichfield WS13 6YY.

The consultation runs until 5pm on 7th August.


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3 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood residents asked for views on plan to reduce air pollution”

  1. I have attempted to wade through the 69 pages with its prominantly displayed DRAFT over every page making it difficult to read. It is typical of many documents designed to swamp you with extraneous detail and would not pass any plain English test. Furthermore the focus of attention concerns just two sites of relatively low populations (Muckley Corner and a stretch of the A38 beyond Streethay). The populated parts of Lichfield about to undergo extensive housing development do not get a mention. Apparently ‘roads’ (where you might think most pollution emanates from) fall under Highways England and are not part of this survey. This is far too serious a subject for frippery. Government statistics show that 36,000 people in the UK die from the effects of pollution each year. To put this in context it is equivalent to almost two Jumbo Jets crashing every week! The figures for those still alive but with chronic conditions is unknown but substantial. Please Angela Lax if you are tackelling this problem for our citizens do it properly! It would prove the most important legacy you could leave the city.

  2. @Philip_Allso. As always, you are right.

    I went through quite a lot of the report. The council are creating a database of their employees and trying car sharing. That was about the biggest change that I could see.

    The land next to Lidl is now showing as acquired for housing. There is a billboard for sale, that will no doubt become housing.

    Friarsgate, will become housing.

    I have known people visit Lichfield and be amazed at the lack of public transport. It is a city that for a lot of people a car is the only way to get around and get to work.

    I can only assume the council are stupid or corrupt. There are no other explanations of the mess that you are creating and the fact that you can’t see the impact.

  3. Email sent to represent our views.

    Having lived in the middle of Lichfield for 25 years I have experience the astronomical rise in Traffic since then. The Staffs County Council and Lichfield Council seem oblivious to the rise.

    Granting planning permission to every Development going without any thought to the infrastructure of the roads around Lichfield.

    We have around Lichfield, Bypasses which were put in place for the congestion problems over the years on the Town centre Road A5127 section between Streethay and Sainte Foy avenue. Now it is gridlocked every day. We have been campaigning since 2014 now regarding the HGVs that regulary use this section of roads as a rat run and thoroughfare. If you look at the map of Lichfield you will see we have an Eastern Bypass (A5192 Eastern Ave) a Western Bypass (A51 to Rugeley) and the northern part of Eastern Ave is the northern part of the Bypass. When the “southern Bypass is complete we will have Trunk roads Bypassing Lichfield entirely.
    When you look at the map of Lichfield other than deliveries to various premises, there is absolutely no reason for HGVs to come near the Town Centre road. But over the years our campaign has fallen on deaf ears. The SCC/LDC have shown no effort to do anything about it. By granting planning permission to all these housing schemes without putting traffic conditions on them to use the trunk roads, thus giving them permission to use the A5127 Town centre road section they have added to about 20% to the congestion with the Contruction Traffic HGVs. So we feel that if you put a weight restriction on the Lichfield Area within the Trunk roads and only allow HGVs deliveries in which a Weight Restriction allows for, the pollution problem can at least help the population in the Area of Lichfeld.
    By looking at the map of Lichfield you will see that the Section of road which is the Town centre it is not part of the Primary Route Network (PRN). But when Roadworks are on the Trunk roads around Lichfield A5/A38 All the HGVs use the section as a rat run even after being directed by Highways England to use the Bypasses via signage. And again the SCC/LDC have done nothing about it fors years even though we have complained bitterly about it.

    So we feel that you could substantially reduce the pollution problem if you have the courage to try and do something.
    Also take into account that the Bridge at the City Station is the 6th most hit Bridge in the country

    So to put it simply :
    Explain to me why when the Southern Bypass is complete, Why should any HGV other than Delivering should come near the town centre. ( What will you do to make the HGVs use the Southern Bypass?) Because you’ve done nothing to make them use the exisitng bypasses?

    A survey was done in 2015 regarding HGVs using this section of road. It found that even then 450 HGVs used the road in the Daytime. At the time we estimated and being generous only 10% were delivering. (We estimated about half that)
    Another major consideration is the damage to the roads. The SCC are responsible for A roads but Highways England are responsible for the Trunks roads. So by making them use the Trunk roads they will reduce the Maintenance costs of the A roads which we have to pay for through our council tax.

    We feel that it is now time for the SCC/LDC to put the residents first and show some commitment to us. Thus reducing considerably the Noise and Pollution and damage these HGVs Cause.

    I would be grateful if you would Aknowledge this E-mail.

    F.Y.I Attached is the Official Diversion route.


    Roy Appleby.


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