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Lichfield District Council remains tight-lipped over whether or not councillor breached code of conduct

Lichfield District Council has not confirmed whether a councillor breached its code of conduct – despite a hearing taking place several days ago.

Lichfield District Council House
Lichfield District Council House

A behind-closed-doors hearing was held on Monday afternoon, but no decision has yet been made public.

The local authority did not identify the councillor involved, but several sources have told Lichfield Live that it relates to Cllr David Leytham.

David Leytham
David Leytham

The council launched an investigation over claims the Conservative member failed to declare his wife’s business on his register of interests.

Documents seen by Lichfield Live confirmed that the initial complaint about were deemed worthy of further exploration by the local authority.

The council’s deputy monitoring officer said in a written report: “It is clear that there is a case that if proven there would be a breach of the code of conduct in respect of the failure to register the business of the spouse and in respect of the failure the register the existence of a contractual relationship between Lichfield City Council and the spouse.”

His previous register of interests showed only that he and his wife held invigilation roles with the Scottish Qualifications Authority. However, an updated document posted since the local elections in May shows that his partner is a sole trader of The Pretty Little Parlour, which has supplied plants and floral displays to Lichfield City Council.

Cllr Leytham had previously been Mayor of Lichfield City Council before losing his seat in May. He was elected unopposed to Lichfield District Council in the Whittington and Streethay ward.

Lichfield Live has sought clarification from Lichfield District Council over the outcome of the hearing since it took place, but no official confirmation has been made about whether the code of conduct has been breached or not.

Cllr Leytham has declined to comment until the official confirmation of the hearing’s outcome is made public.

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  1. wilf

    4th July, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    I’ve seen lumps of coal with more transparency than that council.

  2. I Pay My Taxes

    4th July, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    New leadership, same old Lichfield District Council. How are they allowed to keep secret whether or not a councillor has broken the rules? Are these not representatives of the us tax payers?

  3. Smiler

    4th July, 2019 at 6:28 pm

    Please – make a FOI request AND report the fact that the meeting did not permit members of the public to the LocalGov Ombudsman….it’s the only way we stand to get anything done with the current bunch of cretins.

    I’ve made a FOI request AND reported the issue to the Ombudsman.

    We can moan all we like but if we do nothing to stop them – we are complicit.

  4. Steve

    4th July, 2019 at 6:33 pm

    Doug Pullen seems to have disappeared. Then again, so has the PCC.

  5. After8stint

    4th July, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Report just made public. Surprise surprise….he’s been let off with a “been requested to attend Code Of Conduct training”, despite the investigator making a finding of him breaching the code. Apparently he “didn’t understand the spirit of the code of conduct”. So it seems ignorance really is a defence after all.

    To recap – this is a serving councillor of many years, who “forgot” to include his Wife’s business (which incidentally, just happens to supply Lich City Council with flowers).

    This is beyond farce.

    I suggest anyone pulled over by Police in future just claim “I didn’t understand the spirit of the law”…..that phrase seems to work wonder if you’re a councillor.

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