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A councillor says the recent spell of warm weather has given roadwork crews the chance to up the number of potholes they can fix.

Staffordshire County Council said more than 300 defects have been fixed in the past week, with the dry weather allowing crews to tackle more and more problems.

The authority said that the funding was part of a £30million packaged of investment aimed at tackling issues on roads in the region.

Helen Fisher

Cllr Helen Fisher, Conservative member for Burntwood south and Cabinet member for highways and transport at the county council, said: “The wet weather we have had recently hasn’t helped our repair work.

“However, now that the weather has improved, our crews are pulling out all the stops to carry out hotspot repairs, gulley cleaning and surface dressing to ensure any issues are dealt with.”

As well as the investment pot, an extra £20,000 has been issued to county councillors to help deal with more localised issues such as hotspot repairs, footway improvements or unblocking drains.

Cllr Fisher added: “No one knows local issues like your local county councillor, so they are ideally placed to know what needs doing and where.

“This extra money means those local jobs that have needed doing for a while can be addressed.

“With more than 6,000km of roads and 4,500km of footways, just keeping on top of maintaining the huge network is always going to be the challenge. That is why is so important that we make the best use of every pound we invest and focus where we can on schemes which deliver the best value and longer-term term benefits.”

A list of which defects have been fixed and where are available at


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3 replies on “Burntwood councillor says dry weather will give crews chance to fix more problem potholes across Staffordshire”

  1. Someone has patch repaired the island by the skoda garage Cannock rd / stables way Burntwood
    What a mess this is this will only last until the end of the month, why do the people if Burntwood get second class road repairs and Lichfield get First class repairs eg Blowing Green island.
    Swan island Cannock rd needs emergency repairs don’t give me the rubbish its a big job just get it fixed

  2. Will they fix the 19+ potholes at Swan Island finally?

    Doubtful. Very doubtful.

    It’s hilarious how many large and dangerous potholes are classed by the subcontractors as “not urgently requiring work”.

  3. I was wondering what company has been contracted to fill the potholes ect in the Burntwood area? As I’m sure the company isn’t doing there job properly. I think a five year old child could of done them better some especially on Rugeley Rd are badly done it’s more like a rumble strip then smooth road, all patch work is raised and not sealed most are worst than the holes!! I no the roads need maintaining but please employ a firm that knows there job…

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