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Future discussions around Friary Grange Leisure Centre need to be open in all senses of the word, a Lib Dem councillor has warned.

A public meeting at Curborough Community Centre this evening (15th July) saw residents, councillors and users of the leisure centre take part in a debate on the plan to close Friary Grange.

Lichfield District Council’s Conservative leader Cllr Doug Pullen told the meeting that all options were now back on the table as a result of the public pressure.

And Cllr Paul Ray said the controlling Tory group must ensure they listen to the views of residents.

Paul Ray

The Chadsmead ward representative said: “We’ve got to move forward in an active and open way.

“I thank Cllr Doug Pullen for deferring the decision until September and I’d ask Doug and the other members of the Cabinet for a very open and transparent process from here on.

“It needs to be open with regards to the exchange of information, and open in terms of being open-minded because we have to find a solution – and we can find a solution.

“One is the short term plan for keeping the centre open. Then we need to look at the long term because this city deserves better leisure facilities and a new complex for the future.”

The groundswell of public opinion has come since the announcement at the end of last week that the council intended to shut the doors on Friary Grange Leisure Centre rather than spend £2.4million bringing it up to scratch.

Cllr Ray has previously argued that the savings made by shutting the site would not be as great as the Conservatives believe.

And he said the public opinion showed that closing the facility should not be an option.

“I actively support this campaign,” he told the public meeting. “The pool is the only municipal pool we’ve got in the city and swimming is a very active and well participated sport here in this city.

“Better, improved and affordable leisure facilities is a message that comes across loud and clear for all councillors in Lichfield.”


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One reply on “Lichfield Lib Dem councillor insists discussions on future of Friary Grange Leisure Centre must be open”

  1. At least there were questions raised within the Cabinet meeting which Cllr Ray could (I presume) have witnessed as 4 Labour members did. This was a change and welcome.
    Obviously a LOT more questions to come!

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