Lichfield District Council House

A document which will help shape future developments across Lichfield and Burntwood has been approved by councillors .

Lichfield District Council House

The Local Plan Allocations Document deals with how land in the area is used.

Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet member for investment, economic growth and tourism, said the approval at a meeting of Lichfield District Council was “a great achievement”.

Iain Eadie

“I am delighted the Planning Inspectorate found our Local Plan to be sound, and that we now have adopted the Local Plan Allocations Document,” he said.

“These documents, alongside local parish councils’ neighbourhood plans, will help us to positively shape our district in the future.

“Our allocations document sets out where and what kind of development can take place on different land across the district.

“It is the second part of our Local Plan Strategy, which the economic growth team at the council has worked really hard on.

“Having a sound plan, and a land supply for the next five years that identifies almost half of the district’s housing needs over the term of the whole plan, is a great achievement.”

The District of Lichfield Local Plan Allocations Document, the sustainability appraisal report, the adoption statement and the Inspector’s report are available to view at

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  1. Oh god, what are they drawing up now????!! Lol! I await the impending controversy and cascade of undeclared business interests and scandals that follow this council around like a bad smell. It’s beyond embarrassing.

    You know, I work in Solihull (live in Lichfield). One of my work colleagues (a councillor for Solihull) actually said to me earlier this week “any more scandals in “your” local council??”. That’s how bad this council is…….their reputation is now famous throughout the Midlands. Nice.

    Makes you feel proud, doesn’t it?

  2. Another 250+ houses at Streethay then by the looks of it. 30% of the total additional amount allocated, the other villages round and about owe them a debt of gratitude

  3. It would appear from the maps that the new housing development will increase the size of the city by about a third. There is some ambiguity on the Lichfield map suggesting that some green belt land on the Knowl Lane site might will be used as part of this. While some growth is to be expected in any community, I would suspect most people in Lichfield would think this excessive. Since I moved to the city in the early 70’s it has doubled in size and seems to be continuing at a similar rate. It is one thing to keep building houses but no mention is given to the support services and infrastructure (and the costs in running and maintaining them) that will inevitably arise. Doubtless many will express similar opinions but there seems to be an unwritten agenda driving these developments. The council’s closed door policy only produces ready made decisions. A root and branch analysis of the running of our District Council is long overdue. There have been suggestions of vested interests expressed on other matters. Are we really to believe they are acting in our best long term interest? I will now go and try to negotiate a doctor’s appointment for August, although I know it won’t be with my doctor and quite possibly not August!

  4. Quite simply, the council have failed, time and time again. It has consistently shown itself to be a network of old boys, covering up for their mistakes and “errors of judgment” or “conflicts of interests”. How many councillors have been exposed for conflicts of interest, or not following codes of conduct over the last 12 months? 5? 6?. How many of those have been fired by their peers? None. Not one. Each of them are creaming off circa £5k per year – for what?? Friarsgate mismanagement, Brown Bin tax (basically a stealth increase to council tax – thanks Ian Eadie), Friary Leisure Centre closure debacle, every week a Tory councillor is exposed over a scandal, private meetings (which suddenly turn into public meetings when people complain)……it’s beyond a joke.


  5. @Five Spires Live, That would be a neat trick indeed. Documentation is presented in a form that does not readily give up information. A simple example is the recent pollution considerations being given regarding Muckly Corner and part of the A38. A 70 page document of statistics which are all but meaningless to the average citizen. And yes there was reporting of the Strategic Plan going back a while ago but it was done in such a way as to minimise its impact and any consequences that might arise from it. The present council have powers which are unchallengable because of its virtual monopoly of conservative councillors. It’s track record is not impressive. I have yet to see any decision made by them overturned (or even debated in an adequate way). The strong feelings and lobbying of the Friary Library was to no avail. These are ‘modern’ times and modern rules apply. To try and protect the history and heratige of this small city is now probably a lost cause. To vociferously object becomes irrelevant if the council will not respond or indeed seem bothered about it. I predict that come 2020 there will be no public swimming facilities in Lichfield.

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