Lichfield bus station

A report has recommended approving plans for work to be carried out on land earmarked for the failed Friarsgate development.

The proposed layout of the new bus station and car park

A meeting of Lichfield District Council’s planning committee later this month will make a final decision on whether to give the go ahead to the scheme which will see the demolition of the former police station building.

A number of buildings in the bus station will also be knocked down if the project is given the go ahead.

The council plans to include a new car park, temporary toilet facilities and replace the bus shelters along with landscaping parts of the site.

The land has been left empty since the collapse of the proposed Friarsgate redevelopment after more than a decade in the planning.

Much of the work is expected to be an interim development until a longer-term plan is devised, but the proposal was branded “timid” by Lichfield Civic Society which said a more ambitious project should have been on the table.

Lichfield bus station

The report to the planning committee said: “The proposed revised station are will accommodate 10 coach bays with seven new bays formed int he location where the off street car parking is currently provided, with one new shelter to the rear of the police station site.

“The bus are is to be resurfaced and altered with the addition of one further shelter.”

The development will see a new car park put in place on part of the former police station – which was purchased by Lichfield District Council as the Friarsgate scheme collapsed – with the remainder of the site being turned into a green open space.

The proposal will be discussed at a meeting of the planning committee on 29th July.

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  1. You couldn’t make this up. What a shambles. More car parks! More pollution! It’s no use having a revamped bus station unless we have revamped buses covering more routes that encourage people not to drive into the city. Where is the blue sky thinking here? How much did this report cost? Here’s my thoughts for free…landscape the area, get the local artists to make a huge sculpture celebrating the city. Pleasing to look at, low carbon and low cost.

  2. How has the council failed us this bad? This is madness. We’ve seen this go from a luxury shop and social complex to a small but lovely shopping area with a cinema to new homes and now finally … a car park. When I get into Lichfield the one thing I love to see is a car park, just sets off the tone as to what the rest of the city is like. Not only that but look at it. It even fails at being a car park as there little to no capacity. The Bus station is as it was before so just new huts I’m guessing? Truly, this is just ridiculous and is just a plan to get it over and done with in the worst possible way. I find it insulting that this is what we get. Oh but I suppose it is ok as the council house now has a lovely little park to the side of it and a bigger car park for debates as I hear that this is a problem for the council meeting. Truly pathetic. Its things like this that really deter the voter.

  3. Is this the same council who do not have money to repair the final swimming pool in the city?

    They now have money to flatten out the site and make it easier for a developer to take over.

    The council tax payer will pay for the clearing and decontamination of the land. The developer will pop up houses for next to nothing.

    How many millions of pounds will this cost? How much disruption will be involved? For what is to be a temporary site?

  4. What’s the point of a car park when there nothing to entice people to visit. At least having buses allow people to leave and go to towns/cities that have facilities. Agreed great site for leisure facilities cinema and still housing, what a short sited council that concentrates on surrounding areas not its own City disgraceful

  5. Another Car Park built to bring money into the Council that don’t put it back into the local community!!! Prime city location wasted opportunity!!!

  6. 10 coaches x 50 passengers per coach , a potential of 500 visitors coming or leaving, plus 50 car parking spaces x average two occupants per car is a further 100 visitors plus unknown number of bus and train passengers, so a large number of folk who will need a toilet after a journey to our City, and what have we to offer, after the toilet block is knocked down and replaced with one temporary unisex and one unisex/disabled/baby changing facilitates, total 2 toilets
    But of cause the car park users will not know that we have a toilet, because they will be parking behind the current boundary wall of the police station,as this wall is staying and not due to be knocked down
    So if the planners cannot get it right for basic facilities, what hope for the remainder of the site

  7. For a city with so many festivals, surely an excellent concert facility with state of the art acoustics is necessary? A leisure centre is also required to benefit the city. We don’t need more shops – look how many are empty

  8. If you look at the left of the plan, the white areas, which is the boarded up area, there is nothing earmarked. When it was suggested at the community meeting that this might be a possible site for a leisure centre, Cllr. Pullen just laughed and moved on quickly. If my memory serves me right, leisure facilities were encompassed in the original plans that were Friarsgate, were they not? I agree with others suggestions that this would be a perfect spot for a swimming pool, cinema and gym.

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