Boris Johnson. Pic: Annika Haas

Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP believes Staffordshire will feel the benefit of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson. Pic: Annika Haas

The new Conservative leader has appointed members of his new Cabinet after beating Jeremy Hunt in a vote to succeed Theresa May.

He met members of the 1922 Committee – a group of Tory backbenchers – to outline some of his plans.

And Michael Fabricant said he was sure the new PM had the strategies to deliver in a number of areas.

Michael Fabricant

“Boris is a politician driven by core beliefs and is not a technocrat,” he said. “It is not for Prime Ministers to micro-manage departments – it is always a mistake to do this – but to set key objectives with Cabinet approval.

“I am optimistic that despite not having an overall majority in the House of Commons, Boris will succeed with many of these of which Brexit is paramount.

“At the meeting of the 1922, Boris spoke of his other objectives which included fairer funding for our schools, strengthening the rural economy, setting up an enquiry into HS2, and delivering fibre broadband.

“Fairer funding for our schools will be of particular benefit for all of us in Staffordshire.”

Mr Fabricant also drew comparisons between Mr Johnson’s appointment and that of a former American leader.

“Like President Reagan – whom everyone derided when he was first elected President and characterised as a ‘mere actor’ – Boris Johnson is appointing highly able people to surround him,” he said.

“President Reagan is generally regarded as one of the best presidents the USA had.

“I am pleased to see that Boris has made Sir Edward Lister Chief of Staff at Number 10.  He is a serious ‘grown up’.”


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24 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood MP says region will feel the benefit of Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister”

  1. The epitome of the lights being on and no one being home.

    Boris Johnson is a proven liar, why should we celebrate that in any measure? What is the point of MPs taking an oath if they dispense with its inconvenient standards at the drop of a hat?

    Even if you can bring yourself to forgive his preposterous, and lamentably prepared, approach to interviews:

    BJ: I would rest entirely in paragraph 25C

    AM: Do you even know what paragraph 26C says?

    BJ: No

    His speeches:

    BJ: [We now have to provide a sort of plastic pillow for this kipper because of EU rules]

    Journalists: [that’s UK rules, not EU]

    What have we to look forward to? Don’t just chuck meaningless platitudes at news outlets, qualify your statements.

    Oh and Ronald Reagan is ranked 40th out of 55 current presidents. Reaganomics were great for the rich and entitled, for the average and low paid? Well let me quote someone in the audience at a 1980’s Eddie Murphy concert:

    Audience member: Reaganomics suck!

    EM: Tell me something I don’t know m**********r!

  2. The atmosphere in parliament is so toxic it is improbable he will be able to achieve much if anything. The Tory party cannot chance an election before Brexit is resolved (l don’t know how that could happen) because, in spite of the total unelectability of Labour, they would be annihilated. There would be no party with a majority but the Brexit party would hold a controlling position. The situation would be worse than now….. and that’s saying something. Forget the hollow promises from Johnson, jam tomorrow is no jam at all. Fabricants puppy like fawning to his new master is pathetic. I hope we hold him accountable for the statements he has made and the new wealth the county can now expect.

  3. He’s right, Boris is driven by a core belief – the belief that Boris should be in charge and allowed to do whatever he wants. He cares not one not about anyone or anything else.

  4. This is a government preparing to be an outpost of Rome (Washington )
    Brexit will go as far as Trump allows it ,I wonder will Boris sacrifice the NHS and our agriculture offering them on a plate to his chum.
    Now I did a lot of work with different Brexit organisations and Cummings will be the man behind any no deal Brexit ,Boris and his pals will just be puppets ,rather like Michael who groveles at the feet of anyone in the PM chair .

  5. Fabricant is a Brexiter. ERG supporter. Brexit is insane. Brexit cannot bring prosperity to the UK or to Staffordshire. Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson is an acknowledged charlatan. A talentless idiot largely responsible for the ruin of the country – along with all those he has surrounded himself with in a cabinet from Hell. How has the UK come to this? Johnson has Vote Leave Dominic Cummings as advisor – readying a social media assault of lies and deceit just as he did for the fraudulent EU Referendum of 2016. Johnson is little Trump, unworthy of any office. And the country has not given this buffoon or his awful idiots any mandate. Looks like a General Election is coming soon. Brexit is undeliverable. An insane con by the Conservatives and Farage et al.

  6. Let’s not forget. Jo Swinson stood on a platform of not increasing student fees and then helped to push through the policy.

    As did Sir Nick Clegg, Sir Danny Alexander and Sir Vincent Cable

  7. of course, we don’t need to actually define any of this. Bojo is a nothing but an empty headed liar surrounded by useless sycophants and unicorn riders of which this man is one

  8. I find it astonishing that all the lies that have been spoken in the referendum, the spiralling crime rate, 20,000 fewer police officers, 10 years of austerity, yet Steve can still find it in his heart to beat the Lib Dems over the head for tuition fees.

  9. Michael Fabricant makes a statements with no suggestion of how the region might benefit. Boris Johnson is a ridiculous politician who has already proven as London Mayor he is incapable of making sensible choices. The London Garden Bridge fiasco – millions of £ spent but nothing materialised. The purchase of water cannons for the Police that were already known to be illegal weren’t they? Sycophantic bunkum from Fabricant. The region will see huge losses due to Tory Brexit. All of the nonsense of Brexit ought to have been ruled out by Parliament that has failed to do its job. The 2016 Referendum was advisory. The promises made not only will come to naught, but already there have been over 240000 job losses. The last phase hopefully before Brexit is stopped is the Johnson dark clown show. A cabinet from Hell. Lying to the public on a daily basis. Is Fabricant still in favour of a No Deal Brexit? The No Deal that will drag on for years attempting to get a trade deal with the weakest hand imaginable. The Brexiter MPs are shameless liars. They know it can’t work. Yet they continue to desperately hold onto power.

  10. Yet another Ground Hog day. What scenario does anyone expect is going to satisfy all parties? Like it or not we have a democratic decision. To override this now would seriously damage our Parliamentary Democracy. Lies? Well when was a manifesto ever delivered? Politicians? Name one true altruist amongst them, let alone any who are capable of leading. It is now over three years that this has dominated public affairs. It must stop. Many conflicting arguments have been presented both for and against. The EEC is not now the organisation we joined so there have been plenty of lies and misinformation there too. The EU (subtle name change) needs an agreement as much as we do. To tie the intractable issue of our membership with the intractable issue of the Northern Ireland border problem is scurrilous in the extreme. A province without an active parliament and a country with a terrorist army threatening lethal conflict unless we acquiesce to their demands is an impossible situation. People in general now seem less accepting of any sort of political administration be it national or local. We have to have some consensus on how to make progress or the road ahead will be dark and rocky indeed.

  11. Phillip Allso, sorry that’s just a collection of phrases going nowhere. I doubt there is one sentence there that isn’t either plain wrong or dubious. You seem to have neglected totally the influence of malign organisations on the last three years, and the tribalisation of the UK that has occurred as a result of deliberate media manipulation by right wing forces, the owners of 80% of the media and the almost total takeover of TV current affairs by Tory apparatchiks – let alone the Tory/Brexit/UKIP connections of the Question Time company. I voted Remain, not because I like the EU, which I don’t, but I recognised the trajectory of the campaign and the integrity of the Leave personalities. Three years ago I said on social media and in meetings that this would resolve itself with a right wing coup (in effect). It has. Johnson is currently holding a large number of cards, including a staggering influx of funding (hence the online advert campaign); there will be no electoral rule unbroken by the end of it,illustrating the complete inadequacy of the British legal and constitutional arrangements. Trump has shown that even in a country with far more checks and balances than ours a consummate liar and wannabee demagogue can steamroller a democracy into an oligarchy; Johnson is simply being backed to do the same here.

  12. “the almost total takeover of TV current affairs by Tory apparatchiks”
    Lewis Goodall the labour mouthpiece at Sky, Jo Coburn, Peston, Maitliss and the Newsnight sisterhood? All leftie remainers, but if you say so.
    Andrew Neil was the only prominent right of centre figure so obviously he was terminated.

  13. Well if you are in any way correct John Griffin it has been a torturous route to get us where we are. Even a modest alteration to the agreement negotiated by May would probably have got it through parliament. Your conspiracy theory would have to have been remarkably well organised to deliver a right wing takeover. Protracted negotiations often lead to polarised positions. I have no wish to change or amend your stance on Brexit and respect it for what it is, but if my contribution cannot be read with an open mind there is no point in trying to find a consensus. One thing I am sure about Brexit is that neither side is wholly right….. or wrong.

  14. Conspiracy theory, Philip? Fines from the Electoral Commission, no longer contested by Leave.EU, a referral to the Metropolitan Police who have recently released a statement confirming criminal offences have been committed.

    More fact than theory.

  15. All aboard the good ship Rob, where anyone who doesn’t support his point of view is a ‘lefty remainer.’

    If you don’t know the difference between Andrew Neil’s show and what news reporters are expected to present, how on earth are you going to understand the complexities of Brexit?

  16. Another bit of Johnson information for everyone, from someone (a friend) involved in police recruitment.

    “Johnson’s uplift in police numbers will never happen, due to retirements, we need 44,000 officers to maintain current number AND get the “new” recruits, if we accept 1 in 10 (and we don’t) we need 440,000 applicants, all qualified to/capable of degree level education in 36 months.”

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